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For someone who is looking into automating their life, I am sure you have at some point in time wondered what it would be like to have an assistant. Often we think of laying on a beach somewhere, sipping on a cocktail, while we boss someone around to do all those annoying tasks we all love to hate.

But that daydream is cut short immediately by all the reasons why we can’t have an assistant.

– Cant afford it

– Cant manage it

– Don’t deserve it

Any one of these setbacks and we think there’s no way we can have an assistant and immediately snap back to reality. (Thank you Shady. [Insert Apple music song link])

Well, as with everything else, that is so because that’s all you know. I’m here to explain you how easy it is to obtain assistance right away! To really understand the ideas below, you need to understand that assistance comes in all forms. Be it from online virtual assistant services, AI assistants, to apps that assist with our day to day activities. The important thing is that whatever it may be, it will bring assistance to me.

Get a Human Assistant Via Online Virtual Assistant Services

Before we jump into how to hire an online virtual assistant It think its important to first explain he types of assistants that are out there.

  • Administrative Assistant – This is an assistant that handles general tasks. They can complete any task you ask them to do so long as the instructions are broken down to them. These types of assistants are best used for call and email handling, scheduling appointments, data entry, etc. These assistants should be used for anything repetitive and or requiring minimal thought process. These types of assistants are required to have general office and administrative skills. Click here if you’d like to get a free copy of our Assistant Qualifications Sheet.

  • Executive Assistant – This is an assistant that handles more difficult tasks. They can complete tasks sop long you have given them the outcome that you would like. They are the critical thinkers that will help you find the solution or implement a process or manage a project. The ideal executive assistant can even observe and notice things that you have not yet seen. If you’re looking for a “right-hand man”, this is the type of assistant you would want to hire. But be warned, finding the right executive assistant will take time and energy, (and sometimes tears). You will go through a few before you can find the one most suitable for you. But once you do finds that match, the things you can get done close to triple.

  • Specialized Assistant – This is an assistant whom can help with a specialized task. You can hire an assistant who is specialized in either accounting, marketing, sales, programming, graphics design, video editing, etc. But the important thing is you get the idea. My favorite thing with specialized assistants is that if you can’t find a specialist for something, you can just create one. There are a lot of executive assistants who look into specializing is something. IF you have the patience to teach them something they will learn it well.

If you are interested in learning how to hire a virtual assistant please check out our article about [How to hire human assistants.}

The Artificial Assistant – AI

A common misconception is that AI is a thing of the future. Although that is not entirely false, you should know that AI is actively used today. Although there are many types of AI currently being used, we will focus on these main ones for now.

  • Voice – Voice AIs have come a long way since the time of asking Siri silly questions. Through the likes of Alexa, improved Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant, voice assistants can now not only full comprehend what you say, but also carry out quite an extensive list of tasks. With you’re voice you can command this type of assistant to play you’re favorite track, schedule, an appointment, or even integrate with another application. Sounds a lot like that dream of our where were bossing someone around huh.

  • Chatbots – Chatbots have replaces the assistants of the past by answering common questions for people who visit you’re website through virtual chats. More recent chat bots have even gone a step further to learn from you interactions with customers and people. It combines what its learned with the vast knowledge of the internet to answer questions correctly in the format which you would. The future of chat bots will be to fully replace you, personality and all, in chatting with customers, family, and friends.

  • Social Media Managers – Thanks to the likes of bots and AI, you can now assign the task of interacting with you’re followers to an AI assistant. You can assign the AI to post in you’re stead, like and interact with you’re current following, or increase you’re presence by interacting with people who like content from a specific niche of you’re choosing.

AI assistants are still in there infancy and have still a long way to go. The future however does seem promising as we get closer and closer to utilizing AI as an extension to ourselves.


  • Task App – There are apps out there that charge you by the minute or hour for specific tasks that you need to get done. ranging from price points of $0.25 – $2.50 – $25 per hour, you can rest assured you’ll find that a lot of tasks can be delegated out. I’m personally not a huge fan of these types of apps because the effort put into describing the task can be directed towards utilizing another one of the methods mentioned. Although this does seem like a cheap option at first, the true cost is the time spent on it.

  • Organization/task managing app – These types of apps can assist you with organizing and keeping track of you’re to dos and projects. Some are effective for teams, some for personal. There are quite a few of these types of app each with their own set of unique features.

  • Amazon – I listed amazon here because you can utilize this app to automate you’re shopping. Often people don’t know what to they’re out of until the time comes where they need it. Luckily through the assistance of amazon and its integrated apps, you can now monitor all this data and have you’re devices automatically order items through Amazon.

An average of 3000+ apps become available to us every single day… Let’s take a step back here and really take that in.

3000 + apps a day!

That’s over 1 million apps a year. With that many apps becoming available to us you can bet you’re ass there will be a large amount of ones that at least some of those will;; revolutionize the way we live by automating parts of our lives.

Find Assistance Now

As you can see, through the likes of various forms of assistance, one can really streamline the activities in life. Automation isn’t just handing off a task to someone or something and expecting it to get done. You must have an outcome in mind for each and every task you assign to an assistant be they virtual, artificial, or biological. An assistant on autopilot will continue to do whatever it is you asked it to do. Whether that is something productive or useless is on you.

I challenge you to immediately implement one of these assistants to help you in your life today. Comment below on what you will do!.

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Being a small business owner, one thing became more and more valuable as the business grew… My Time. With minimal funds and many tasks to get done, I often found myself wearing many hats at many times. Although it did seem like this proved to be useful at first, it quickly became apparent that the work was lacking in quality.

Many questions came across my mind. Do I continue to produce poor quality of work or do I invest in hiring new staff to meet the increased the demand? Unfortunately, I could not afford to do either. With quitting not ever being an option, I immediately set out to find some solution to my problems.

While on this journey, I came across automation. Up to this point, to me, automation was something I thought only tech giants may even speak of. Little did I know, automation already existed all around me. Turns out it was not as intimidating of a thing after all. Automation is simply processes or procedures that are performed with minimum human assistance.

I began to implement new processes and tools that have really assisted me in getting my professional and personal life organized and on to new heights.

Having simplified my life through automation, I now want to share my experiences and knowledge to help others overcome obstacles that are preventing them from achieving their dreams.


Almost all hard workers are good people. They are out doing everything in their power to get the lives that they dream. I truly admire and commend all of them! Unfortunately, hard workers are often too exhausted or too busy to notice new tools and technologies that can assist their regular lives.

I want to shake things up for each one of you that are out there grinding it daily.

What if I told you there are ways for you to complete most of the things on your task list, but it can be done


…….. FASTER?


Automation is the solution and its not as scary as you think.


We want to serve as the go to resource for hard workers who are ready to take action and simplify there lives through automation. We want to show that even implementing the simplest of processes can free up hours for you daily.

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