How To Manage Your Emails Efficiently

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Why do most of us hate checking our email so much?

I don’t know about you, but for me, managing an email is like this little nagging number that is mocking me. When I say little, I don’t really mean it. That number grows by the hundreds every day.

With each new email that I receive, the number gets bigger and bigger, mocking me more and more.

When I actually check my email, it’s with disdain and a feel of surrendering.

That’s why I, like so many other people, am desperate for a way to stop checking it. So it hit me.

We outsource so many different aspects of our businesses, why couldn’t we just outsource our email too? At first, the idea may sound a little crazy, but give it a minute.

You can literally hire someone and train them to think and behave like you so they know how to respond to specific emails.

You’ll have different email addresses so that you can have the personal friends and family one that you check yourself. Your other email addresses will go to your assistant, to manage your email related to business.

When you’re training your assistant, you will give them a basic set of guidelines that they can use for almost every email, including preset answers that will apply to the most common questions and inquiries. The small number of emails that don’t fall under the basic guidelines are discussed during one short phone call with your assistant each day, allowing you the opportunity to relay to your assistant how to manage your emails.

Do you see how incredibly simple this is? And how freeing? It’s so simple that it actually seems strange that email tends to be the last thing that people will delegate. Because people really believe that no one else can or should check their email. As a result, it became this long, tedious, drawn-out task that takes gifted and passionate people away from the things they should be doing.

In actuality, email is just another chore, another task. It’s something that can easily be outsourced to someone else. While your responses and dealings with emails may be your unique style, they are really just your personal process that you can teach to someone else.

Therefore, spend some time figuring out your unique process, your basic guidelines for managing your emails. Find yourself a virtual assistant and work with them on a probationary period to ensure that you mesh well together and that they can follow your guidelines properly.

So hire an assistant to check your email. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner. Let this article also guide you through

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