15 Must-Have WordPress Plugins

A plugin is a piece of software that adds to the functionality of a website, either by improving old features or by adding new ones.

Plugins allow you to customize your WordPress site, and marketing automation plugins help you automate marketing activities on your site. These can be things like connecting site data to other business systems, tracking conversions on your site, or extending the reach of your content. Marketing automation plugins also help you save time and money by performing many of your daily marketing tasks.

Plugins are universal, and can be used both for your business site and your personal blog, so if you have either, and want to drive traffic and market your business, you should check out the 15 plugins below!

1. MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is a free WordPress chatbot plugin, that lets Facebook Messenger chatbot automation, and live chat straight from your site.

Connecting your Facebook business page with the chatbot is easy:

First you let the WP chatbot connect with Facebook, and then you set up your welcome message and a few automated chatbot responses.

You can also automate communication about order updates, customer support via chatbot, and intelligent lead qualification with your WordPress chatbot.

When you use the Facebook Messenger automation plugin, you get to keep all your website messages and Facebook messages in one inbox, as well as be able to access conversation history and user profiles.

You can also use MobileMonkey to send follow-up marketing and promotions to your contacts.

2. HubSpot

The HubSpot marketing automation plugin allows you to connect your WordPress site to your HubSpot account, as well as add the HubSpot tracking code to your webpages.

Then you can access website and contact analytics, manage pop-ups, forms, or run ads on several platforms. There’s also live chat and content curation tools. You can integrate your HubSpot account with over 300+ integrations.

3. Google Analytics for WordPress

Google Analytics gives you information about your audience, your conversions, your traffic, and more. With Google Analytics for WordPress you have all the great features of Google Analytics, but from your WordPress site.

Google Analytics for WordPress measures conversions, and tracks your visitors’ path through your website, showing you trends that are helpful for optimizing your visitors’ experience. Ultimate Google Analytics integration is included with your WordPress business account; all you have to do is enable it.

4. WooCommerce

Want to turn your WordPress site into an ecommerce platform? Use WooCommerce to set up an online store. Because it can have a WordPress based back-end it’s easy to manage when you already know WordPress..

WooCommerce lets you automate product carts, shipping options, tax calculations,and payment options. It integrates with MailChimp, Google Analytics, and Facebook, and comes with a store dashboard with key metrics.

You have complete control of your data, and you can export it to an external store if you no longer want to use WooCommerce. However, there’s no reason for this, since WooCommerce is totally free.

5. ActiveCampaign

This plugin requires a bit of training, but is very useful once you understand how to work it. It has LiveChat, uses a site tracker for visitors, and allows for email marketing and CRM solutions. Pretty impressive for a $9 app!

6. Title Experiments

Title Experiments is a free plugin for WordPress. It helps you test out titles by split testing title tags on your post. Choose a few options, and this plugin will find out which one gives the most views.

Titles are important, so use them to your advantage.

7. Jumplead

Jumplead is a plugin for inbound marketing that tracks and manages your site performance. It optimizes your page for search engines and social media, and moves prospects through a life cycle that helps you hold on to your customers longer.

Jumplead integrates with Jetpack to find, profile, and score leads. Then it nurtures these same leads through auto responses, email marketing, and by promoting conversations.

8. Linkwithin

Linkwithin is free, and a great way to increase traffic to your site. Linkwithin automatically links relevant posts or pages on your site, making older posts generate new views when attached to new posts.

9. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

YARPP uses algorithms to find titles, tags, categories, custom taxonomies, and content from all over your site, and helps your readers find different but related available content. You have several template options to choose from when displaying the related content, including a custom RSS feed.

YARPP drives site traffic, gives you more views, and works as well for a personal blog as it does for a business web site!

10. Drip Email

Drip Email makes email marketing campaigns easy. Build a contact list from your personal Gmail account, choose from a number of customizable templates, and export email files in .csv files. You can also track your email campaigns down to click rates, open rates, and bounce rates, as well as control pop-ups entirely.

11. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a WordPress plugin that lets you create and manage forms for your WordPress site. It automatically integrates with web applications and services like the email marketing platform MailChimp, and payment platform Stripe.

12. ORBTR Ping

ORBTR Ping tracks all visitors to your site, as well as new or returning leads. It will even track email campaign leads. You can view real-time visitors, as well as a daily summary of lead traffic through the plugin’s dashboard.

ORBTR integrates with Gravity Forms, Jetpack, and WordPress comments. You can choose between the free basic version and an upgraded version with additional features.

13. Jetpack

Jetpack gives you analytics regarding audience, integration with other WordPress apps, and SEO tools, helping you optimize your WordPress site for revenue and visitors. Jetpack also helps with general site management, performance, and comprehensive security, attack prevention, site backup, spam filtering, malware scanning, and secure login.

14. Easy Social Sharing

This plugin will display as many as 18 social sharing buttons on your site, making it easy for visitors to share your content on their social media accounts. The design, color, and layout of Easy Social Sharing can all be customized. It also continually updates your share count.

15. Click To Tweet

Click To Tweet integrates with the Click To Tweet web app, so you can add Click To Tweet buttons in your blog posts, and have your viewers immediately tweet out your content. It’s a great way to reach a larger audience.

With all the marketing automation plugins available for your WordPress site, you can save a tremendous amount of time and money on your marketing tasks. You can also easily get more views and leads, as well as improve the performance of your site.

So what are you waiting for? Start utilizing WordPress Marketing Automation Plugins today!

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