Business Sales with a Virtual Assistant (VA)

So you’ve launched your business and it’s been rolling for a few months or a year. Now, you’re feeling ready to scale up and maybe get some help around the office. However, you find the hiring process daunting and aren’t sure if you’re able to compensate people fairly. Today’s robust technology offers a solution: virtual assistant who can remotely handle a wide variety of business tasks.

Especially if you’re an entrepreneur with a high-risk venture, you’ll enjoy the security and benefits of a virtual assistant without ballooning your expenses. In fact, the boost in productivity and assistance with marketing, sales, and operations can help you grow your business — and therefore your profits. Some experts estimate that a virtual assistant can save you up to 40 percent in business expenses. In other words, they might more than pay for themselves.

Virtual Assistant saves you overhead costs

When you hire regular employees, you’re required to cover their benefits, and you generally have to give them regular schedules. But what if you only need someone occasionally, or aren’t sure if you can afford to hire a full-time employee.

Virtual assistants are sole proprietors of their own business and are responsible for their own benefits, as well as the costs of their working space, software, and so on. They’re already experts in their respective niche and don’t require training. And because they work for dozens or hundreds of people, they’re available on demand.

Virtual assistants help you scale your business

Volume of orders increasing but turnaround time slowing down? You’re ready to scale up your business. That means you need someone to help with marketing, sales, administrative tasks, design, video, and so on. A virtual assistant can be helpful not only for the cost savings described above but also for their expertise. They can be a fresh set of eyes helping you identify new opportunities for improvement and growth.

Virtual assistants help you organize your business.

You have a lot to do and you may be too busy to get organized. Thankfully, there are virtual assistants dedicated to project management. They can set up a virtual workspace through a program like Asana or Basecamp and help you all get on the same page. Sometimes, an outside perspective is necessary to help you see where you need to improve to boost your business.

VA’s helps free up your to-do list

Let’s face it, you’re probably not an expert at making calls or dealing with email. Perhaps you never were good at time management or accounting, or the thought of scheduling meetings makes you crazy. Whatever you dislike doing that’s distracting you from growing your business, there’s a virtual assistant who’s really good at it.

Get comfortable with delegating tasks and use a virtual assistant who’s an expert in communication, organization, accounting, or whatever you need. This frees up your time and energy to focus on making sales.

VA’s can do virtually anything

If you’ve got the phones covered and moreso need help with your website, social media, market research, translation, or any other specialty services, you can find a virtual assistant for that. You might even consider booking a team of virtual assistants who together can handle the bulk of creative or administrative work.

VA’s are part of your team

It’s a myth that virtual assistants are simply disinterested contractors who only want the money or who are working from home in their pajamas. They think of you as clients, and you should think of them as aides. They have your best interests in mind. Therefore, you should treat them as you would a regular employee, in some respects. Give them an overview of your company and its culture, and open the floor to their ideas.

A virtual assistant is a powerful tool in your toolbox, as well as someone who can become a crucial part of your team. Because they’re industry professionals working on a flexible schedule, they can help your business scale without the stress of recruiting and HR red tape, expensive software or training, or a bloated budget. Instead, you get only the benefits of their expertise—which leads to more sales. Virtual assistants are almost too good to be true: Look into how one can help your business today!

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