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Frequently doctors, although having their own social media accounts and acknowledging it, forget just how vital the internet is to their careers. Online reputation management is something that, although not always taken as seriously as it should be, should have doctors being careful.

They tend to forget the impact that one negative review can have on their careers. This is especially important considering that just about every patient will google a doctor’s name before choosing to set up an appointment with them. However, reputation management can be helpful when this is the case for a doctor, helping to ease or reverse the consequences of negative online reviews.  

Patients want to ensure that the decision they’re making is a well informed one, which means that any information they find on the internet they’ll probably believe. A doctor’s practice can quickly go downhill after a patient discovers even a few negative reviews, which is why it’s so crucial that doctors find the time to manage their online reputation.

Tips to manage an online reputation.

Monitor online reviews.

Upholding a good reputation, as a doctor, involves monitoring online reviews. Nowadays, the internet is filled with places that patients can give detailed reviews of exactly what they thought of a service or product — the best way to deal with these is to address them. Professionally respond to the reviews and try to present a solution to the patient. It’s important to remember that when doing this, to keep up a good reputation, you must remain professional.

Look at social media.

Although it may be difficult, it’s essential that doctors look at comments on social media, good or bad, and acknowledge them. Doctors should be quick to respond to any comments made on social media about them, whether this is to recognize the good comments for saying something good about the service and negative ones to do damage control quickly. The worst choice that doctors make is to ignore comments. Remember, no matter what, social media comments should be addressed.

Google themselves.

Another mistake that doctors often make with their online reputation is not researching themselves. Regardless of whether this is hours of detailed online research or just a quick google search, it’s always essential that they know what the internet is saying about them. This is to ensure that the information that is found is correct and, if not, the proper steps are taken to try to correct the information.

Online reputation management is incredibly important. Doctors can manage their online reputation; all it takes is some work. Although it’s easy for doctors to ignore this and overlook it, that is not what should be done. They should take the time and use the ways above to manage their online reputation. Remember that for doctors, their reputation is incredibly important, and doctors must take the time to make sure that theirs is not damaged. The ways above can help doctors with online reputation.

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