12 Ways use Facebook Bot in Lead Generation


The traditional lead generation techniques of setting up a landing page and driving traffic to it is no longer the best way to drive more leads for your business. The application of tools such as “Bot” has stormed its way in the market.

Although Facebook bots are fairly new in the market space, they are a powerful tool to put in your arsenal. A person is more likely to take time to take a look at a message on Facebook than they are to read through the landing page and convert. Lead capture with Facebook Messenger is instant with a 100% conversion rate.

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Facebook bots are also flexible, allowing you to:

  • Use AI to have automated conversations
  • Send updates and downloads directly to fans
  • Create sales funnels right in Messenger

It’s time to step into the future of marketing. With these 12 effective strategies, you can start generating leads with Messenger bots.

  1. Scan Codes
    • You can use Facebook QR codes as a lead magnet. When people come across your QR code (be in on a business card, an email or flyer), they can open their Messenger, scan the code, and arrive on your website.
  2. Website Chat
    • Having Messenger act as a chatbot on your site can provide a big boost for conversions. Site visitors no longer have to wait on a human chat operator for basic information. They can access FAQs and ask questions about your brand through the bot. After they leave your site, Messenger saves new contacts as a lead and enables you to message them off-site as well.
  3. Facebook Autoreplies
    • Autoresponders can message Facebook users right after they leave a comment on your page. Capture leads with a bot message that asks users qualifying questions while offering access to a guide of ebook.
  4. Email List Messenger Ads
    • With custom audience settings, send targeted Messenger ads to members of your email list. People that click the ad will be able to message your bot directly for more information.
  5. Targeted Ads for Fans
    • Your Facebook Messenger audience is a great source of leads. Set up ads to go to the inbox of fans.
  6. Messenger Landing Pages
    • Messenger landing pages offer more interactivity than a plain landing page. When site visitors click the chat link that’s been integrated, they are met with a chatbot conversation that can collect their information.
  7. Email Campaigns
    • Just like you can use your email list on Facebook, you can place Messenger links in your emails to expand the number of leads.
    • Link Messenger to your next blog post as a call to action! Depending on the topic, you can set up specific chat dialog (such as the lead up to a download) for an encounter.
  9. Messenger Checkbox on Forms
    • Instead of having users just complete a form, adding a checkbox plugin for the option of connecting with Messenger allows them to opt-in to keep receiving messages.
  10. Send to Messenger Button
    • Send people right from your site into a conversation with Messenger by embedding an HTML button link.
  11. Surveys
    • Collect relevant information from existing and potential customers with mobile-friendly chatbot surveys.
  12. Coupon Codes
    • Reach out to people who’ve interacted with your site before and build better brand loyalty by offering coupon codes through Messenger.

The techniques above can be combined into a cohesive strategy based on the needs of your business.

Want to promote your new ebook? Have a new product launch in the works?

Implement Facebook Messenger into your marketing and lead generation efforts!

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