Why Businesses Need Chatbots


There are countless benefits that come with integrating chatbots into your online business.

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Here, we list our top 12 reasons to start selling chatbots to your clients today.

1. Automate Receptionist-Like Tasks

Save time by automatically providing answers to questions about hours, services, location, and more.

2. Improved Response Time

Increase your response rate to 99% – 100%, or to “very fast” on Facebook – integrating better customer services! I’ve seen businesses with 60% response rates – that leaves an astounding 40% of clients unanswered.

3. Improved Sales

Chatbots can improve your sales by:

  • Generating bookings
  • Selling products
  • Showcasing catalogs
  • Qualifying leads
  • Receiving traffic from ads

4. Platform Integration

Chatbots connect to your CRM, autoresponder, or other software to help provide complete and efficient solutions.

5. Drip Campaigns
Retarget potential customers with messages based on triggers or timing for FREE.

6. Advanced Re-Targeting Capabilities

Anyone that interacts with the bot can be exported into custom audience groups. Convert subscribers/users into lookalike audiences for better re-targeting campaigns! ($$$)

7. Audience Segmentation

Segment bot subscribers based on their attributes or specific tags set by you. This is extremely beneficial because you can then send specific offers or start specific campaigns using these tags.

8. Comment Guarding

Send an automatic message to anyone that comments on any of your social media posts.

9. Chatblasts
Prompt clients to take instant action by sending direct messages to specific segmentations of your audience/contacts or to all of them with upwards of 60% open rate.

Most messages we send out get above an 80% open rate. We’ve used this tool to book over 20 qualified appointments with each message.

10. Never Lose a Lead
Leads interact with real-time messenger – as soon as they’re interested you can initiate conversation. With live takeover, business owners can jump into the conversation with their leads – without interruption or lag time.

(For Realtors or anyone with time-sensitive leads this is a big thing.)

11. Zero Bounce Rate

Avoid those nasty emails that destroy your domain authority.

12. Run Ads

A chatbot can function as a digital salesman (one of our favorite reasons for running ads to them.)

Imagine the look on your client’s face when… within hours of initiating a campaign, their phone starts lighting up like a Christmas tree (if they have pages manager installed.)

When it comes to opting in, the bot suggests the phone number and email as a response, so people are much more likely to click on it.

Chatbots – the Right Choice for You?
In 2015 there was a once-in-a-generation shift where messaging overtook email as a more predominant way of communicating.

Your client’s customers are already in messenger – why not join them?

Send us a message to discuss chatbots further or if you want me to:

  • Check out your bot
  • White label for you
  • Give FREE feedback/advice
  • Look at the ads you’re running to your existing bot

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