Instagram Marketing Tips for Small Businesses (2)

With the new year approaching everyone’s starting fresh and gearing up to put their best foot forward at the start of 2020, especially businesses. Everyone’s googling new trends and the best ways to stick to their new year’s resolutions.

One of the greatest resolutions is to improve social media. If a business has been slacking on posting lately or not been putting the effort into social media the way they should be lately, I’m sure they’re looking for a way to improve when going into the new year.

Instagram can be one of the most difficult social media platforms to manage and to keep track of. It can be difficult for businesses to keep up with the comments and build a following, all while trying to produce high-quality content for their viewers. Maybe you’ve found your way to this blog post due to the resolution to post more or reach a goal with followers, or maybe you’re here in hopes that we’ll be able to provide you with a few tips that will make your social media life better.

Regardless of why you’ve found your way to our blog post, this will answer your questions and help guide you through making you an Instagram expert.

5 Instagram Marketing Tips

Authentic. Nowadays nearly every celebrity, company, and influencer are posting the real stuff. No longer do you see the perfectly edited and polished photo or video displayed on their Instagram accounts, but now the raw, unedited photos are getting posted. If you want to get anywhere in the social media world you’ll have to be willing to post the pictures that aren’t always pleasant. For businesses, this oftentimes means posting behind the scenes in the office life and showing followers the side of your company that they wouldn’t get to see if they didn’t follow the journey on Instagram.

Hashtags. Instagram hashtags are certainly beneficial, but you don’t want to overuse them. Hashtags can appear spammy to followers and although they’ll help to gain you followers, you want to be sure that they’re genuine followers who actually want to see your content and aren’t just following because of a hashtag. Use your hashtags sparingly and ensure that the ones you do decide to use are specially tailored to your business. If you gain a following that is following you with the intent of seeing different content then what you really post all you’ll have is a number. Your followers won’t interact and they won’t actually want to see your posts.

Posting schedule. If you want interaction from your followers you’ll have to meet them in the middle. This means deciding your posting schedule based on when your followers are online and active. Instagram gives you this data with a feature if you have a business account, but there are also many apps available that can tell you this data. It’s important that once you decide on a posting schedule that not only works for you but also is tailored to your follower’s activity, you decide to stick with it. Followers should know when to expect a post from you and when not to.

Talk. Your followers are more than just a number or a like on your post; they’re real, genuine human beings on the other end. Oftentimes businesses will treat their followers like robots on the other end when, in reality, they’re just other humans looking for interesting photos to pop up in their feed. Talk to your followers like they’re your friends and don’t talk at them. Remember, interaction is key, you want to build a bonding with your followers and show them that you too are just another human on the other end.

Target audience. If you’re aiming to create an effective marketing strategy, you’ll want to know your target audience first. It’s crucial that you know and understand who your target audience is. You need to know who you’re selling to before you know what content they want to see. Instagram insights (a feature you receive when you have an Instagram business account) will help you to get to know your target audience and how they behave. The feature can give you information on your follower’s activity as well as website click, video views and more. This is a feature that you should most certainly take advantage of and use to it’s utmost.

In order to execute these tips well, we suggest you to have a good and knowledgeable virtual assistant who can help you in Instagram marketing. Check out our list of services.

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