Tasks You Should Consider Outsourcing


If you are not outsourcing as a business owner, you’re wasting time!

When you’re running a business, bringing in income and delivering the product and service to customer are primary goals. During the course of each day, business owners have to consider what activities are actually helping to meet those goals.

In theory, typical tasks such as writing blog posts or writing invoices are just necessary tasks for a business owner.

Here’s the thing. Those tasks are not only unnecessary. They are taking away time you should be using to grow your business.

Stop focusing on activities that aren’t directly income-producing (like making a sale and closing a deal with a new client) and start delegating these tasks to virtual assistants (VAs).

With a VA, you don’t have too many employee on board. VAs are paid for their services as freelancers. Working flexibly and remotely, VAs reduce the workload for you and your employees.

Ready to build a better business with outsourcing? Learn the common business areas that you should definitely hire a VA for:

Take These Tasks Off Your Plate

Outsourcing General Business Tasks

Administrative tasks are time-consuming yet needed to manage the business.

  1. Basic data entry (sales, CRM)
  2. Writing invoices
  3. Weekly or monthly performance reports
  4. Appointment scheduling
  5. Proofreading and editing
  6. Spreadsheets
  7. Product listing
  8. Doing research
  9. Scheduling flights and meetings
  10. Checking emails
  11. Maintaining calendars

Search Engine Optimization

Having your business show up near the top of Google’s search results brings in needed traffic to your site and ultimately your brand and products. SEO can get technical and complex, making outsourcing a must for those without experience. A VA skilled in SEO can deliver amazing results.

  1. Building backlinks
  2. Site-mapping
  3. Optimizing site content
  4. Developing SEO strategies
  5. Creating landing pages
  6. Performing keyword research

Outsourcing Web Development Tasks

Building a website becomes easier. Building a good website with fast loading times, and SEO is best handled by a talented VA.

  1. Site development
  2. Performing backups
  3. Installing plug-ins
  4. Coding web applications
  5. Managing affiliate campaigns

Outsourcing Content Writing Tasks

Great content can yield great results as your website climbs the search engine ranks. Invest in a talented freelancer to create quality written content.

  1. Guest posting
  2. Writing blog posts and articles
  3. Making newsletters
  4. Submitting press releases
  5. Creating promotional content like brochures

Social Media

A social media presence is a must for growing your business now and in the future. Liking and sharing posts on Twitter and Facebook isn’t enough. Great social media VAs know how to get your brand noticed and drive engagement.

  1. Updating social media posts
  2. Running social media campaigns
  3. Crafting posts and graphics
  4. Implementing mobile social media strategies
  5. Observing competitors
  6. Analyzing metrics like traffic and shares

Audio and Video Editing

If podcasting, hosting webinars or making YouTube videos is a big aspect of marketing and branding for your business, you likely know how time consuming the editing process can be. Produce higher quality content with a VA.

  1. Uploading videos
  2. Video editing (splicing and graphics)
  3. Audio editing (checking volume levels and removing background noise)
  4. Setting up podcasts
  5. Photoshop
  6. Equipment setup

The complexities of running a business today requires that you get smart about where you are spending your time. The aforementioned 40 tasks are just a few of the activities a VA can take off your plate.

Get strategic. Starting outsourcing more of your work and get back to running your core business.

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