Three Trending Business Strategies for the Year 2020


2020 is just around the corner, and with it comes many changes for the business world. In the past year or two, we have really seen a shift in the marketing world, as companies take their marketing strategies to social channels.

So, it comes at no surprise that we should expect to see even more changes in the way that companies approach their business strategies in this coming year.

Here are just a few of the strategies that you can expect to see implemented in 2020.

Implementing more effective marketing strategies.

If it’s one thing that businesses have learned, it is to either move with the times or be left behind. This is never truer than when it comes to marketing. When it comes to the marketing world, the proof is in the pudding (or rather, sales). If sales are rising, that means something is working. With all the up-to-date technology, companies can track their data to find what is working and what isn’t in their marketing strategies. They are provided with detailed reports that allow them to understand better what their target audience is looking for.

Take the social platforms; for example, they give details insight and statistics on how campaigns are going and how well the audience is receiving (and engaging) with advertising and other marketing content. Businesses can track that data and then apply it to their companies to make their services and products more relevant to their audience.


More and more businesses are realizing the value of automating repetitive tasks. That means that they no longer need to hire as many employees. This not only streamlines the company but also helps with consistency and accuracy. There is less confusion in the work environment (miscommunication and things forgotten) and also saves business owners significant amounts of money and frees up their time to focus on other areas of their business strategies where their time is better used.

Using different forms of financing.

Not too long ago, anyone starting a business would apply in-person to a bank for a business loan. As more and more entrepreneurs are joining the business world, things are changing. Many start-ups and businesses are using direct deposits, financed loans, and easy-repay programs to gain the finances necessary to starting their company. This means that they can get the funds to grow their business without having to move further than their computer or mobile screen.

  • Thinking outside of the box.

One thing we know for sure, business owners are throwing traditional methods of running companies to the wind and trying new things. This applies to all areas of business. From moving away from conventional marketing techniques (paper content such as ads, mail, and brochures, or cold calling) and trying a new approach. Not that traditional methods don’t still work (they do), but many of them don’t fit well into the current marketing approaches, and we will see less of them in 2020.

Much of business is going digital, and as more companies realize that, we will continue to see new business strategies in this upcoming year.

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