Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in 2020

email marketing

If you are a small business owner, then you understand the importance of having a strong and effective marketing plan in place.

One form of marketing that has proven time and again to generate leads and build a better customer/client relationship is email marketing.

As we move into the new year, it’s important to re-evaluate all your business strategies, and one of those is your email marketing. There may be something that you can add to improve it. Remember, sometimes, just one small change or implementing one thing can make all the difference in taking your email marketing a new level of success.

Email Marketing

5 Strategies for Improving Your Email Marketing in 2020

Make sign-up easy.

  • Instead of having a link on your website sidebar, imbed the sign-up link directly on your page. Do you know that replacing a link with an opt-in form may increase your newsletter subscription rate by 20% to 50%?
  • Push sign-ups. All over your content, you are going to want to mention signing up for your email or newsletter. Mention it at the end of blog posts, on your website pages, and on your social accounts.

Keep it mobile-friendly.

  • Studies show that over 50% of Americans are opening emails on their mobile devices. Make sure that your emails are mobile responsive.
  • The other thing to remember is that people are not only reading your emails but shopping on their phones. Make sure that your website is mobile optimized as well to ensure that people can follow through with completing a sale.


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If you aren’t already, then your goal for 2020 should be to automate your emails. While you want to send out a newsletter, you also want to automate the process with welcome emails, reminders, and notifications.

It is easy for people to forget about your company, and consistency (in the form of automation) enables you to stay in regular contact with those on your email list.

Stick with your brand.

Make sure that your emails are customized to your brand. You want your brand to be consistent, and this includes your email list. We are talking about the tone of the emails, as well as the text style, size and color, the email layout, and the colors. Don’t forget about the images that you include too!


Lastly, but most importantly. You want to create custom content for your emails. This means paying attention to what your audience is interested in. It is helpful if you create custom email lists that are relevant to different groups of your audience.

If you don’t ensure that your content is of value to your audience, then you are going to lose them.

The year 2020 is going to hold many changes for small businesses. Mainly because there are now more small businesses than ever and they are figuring out how to tailor their marketing techniques to suit the smaller size of their company, instead of trying to follow the strategies of larger companies.

For many businesses, this means strengthening their brand, growing their email lists, and creating relevant content with targeted marketing campaigns that are designed with their audience specifically in mind.

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