Why Amazon Sellers Need Digital Virtual Assistants


You’ve probably heard of virtual assistants, who provide remote support for your business to help you handle administrative, marketing, and t technology- related tasks. But have you heard about digital virtual assistants? They’re able to help streamline your Amazon-based business by automating repetitive tasks. Here’s why Amazon sellers need digital virtual assistants.

The Benefits of Virtual Assistants

Having a virtual assistant, whether human or digital, can help remove a lot of smaller, time-sucking tasks from your plate, such as processing and answering email, labeling and responding to customers, and managing inventory. That allows you to focus on refining your strategy and growing your business. Plus, leaving these niche tasks up to the experts helps ensure that they get done more efficiently.

A digital virtual assistant (VA) doesn’t offer the human touch and nuance that might be necessary to perform some tasks, but it can also use computer power to streamline and automate tasks that would be otherwise cumbersome for a human to do. Consider combining a human VA with a digital one for optimal business efficiency!

What a Digital Virtual Assistant Can Do

A digital VA can provide you with a centralized hub with all your messages from customers, whether sent by email, Amazon, or social media. This saves you time because you won’t have to check multiple places to be able to reach your customers.

A digital VA can automate followups to customers to recommend related products, solicit feedback, or promote sales. It can also help you manage your reviews — which is extremely important to do if you sell on Amazon!

Amazon advises you to respond to customer feedback within 24 hours, but if you’re a busy entrepreneur, you might find it hard to meet this deadline. A digital VA can help you automate your responses, which makes you less likely to get negative feedback. You can also follow up with a human touch if the customers needs a more detailed response.

As an Amazon seller, you’re reaching people around the world, which can making finding your target market a little challenging. A digital VA can pull and sort data so that you get a full portrait of your customer base. You might even find that your top customers are people you weren’t even targeting! These insights can help you refine your marketing strategy and develop a sales approach that’s tailored to your customers.

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Wrapping Up

A digital virtual assistant is essentially a software tool that can centralize and automate all the tasks you need to handle to be an attentive, responsible Amazon seller. Its chief benefit is its ability to collect and collate messages and inquiries from customers, so that you can be best equipped to handle inquiries in a timely manner. Plus, digital VAs are able to easily bring data into the mix. By using a digital VA, you can get a handle on your feedback, data, and the other nitty-gritty details that can help you improve your marketing strategy — and thus help you stand out among the many Amazon sellers!

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