How Life Of Automation Graphic Designers Can Help Small Businesses


You may think that you’re done with graphic designers once your small business’ logo is done. That’s simply not true. Whether you find you need compelling social media graphics, digital ads, or new business cards, you’ll keep needing the services of a graphic designer. With Life of Automation, you can have convenient access to a virtual assistant (VA) who specializes in graphic design.

Why do you need a graphic design VA?

Small businesses often can’t afford to bring on a full-time graphic designer, or even a part-time one, if their business doesn’t involve design. It’s simply not worth the cost of recruiting someone, hiring them, and providing them with regular hours and benefits, if you only need graphic design done occasionally.

A VA can adjust their hours to what you need. At Life of Automation, our VAs are available for a flat monthly rate, so that you can have that social media graphic or brochure created in a pinch, whenever you need it.

How can graphic design help me grow my business?

Having quality assets — logos, brand elements, advertising materials, and so on — is important to the professional appearance of your small business. Customers are less likely to trust a business that has an unattractive, outdated visual presence. Why not invest in expert designers who can make your brand shine?

With Life of Automation, you can get high-quality design at an affordable price. A strong, attractive brand identity with well-done designs is the key to landing and keeping your customers, so Life of Automation more than pays for itself!

What should I look for in a graphic designer?

Ensure that your designer is professional and well-equipped to handle your needs. Anyone can use cheap software to toss something together: You want a graphic designer who uses high-quality tools to create something unique for your brand. Few things are worse than discovering that your “designer” simply found some clip art and slapped your business name on it!

Life of Automation provides expert VAs who are technically skilled and able to bring your business story to life visually. They’re also capable of creating stunning designs in a variety of formats, both print and digital.

Wrapping Up

Life of Automation is an affordable option for professional design services that help your business look professional and better reach your customers. From engaging ads that people want to click to a logo that perfectly captures your business’ identity, a graphic design VA at Life of Automation can provide it. A Specialized Assistant is available to you at a monthly rate, allowing you to get your creative needs taken care of — so that you can focus on growing your business.

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