Considerations When Hiring VA for Small Businesses


Every small business should consider hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) for multiple reasons.

Although hiring a VA used to be reserved for higher up management and considered an added expense, now it’s become more common for businesses to invest in one, especially in small businesses or startups.

Below are a few questions that you should ask yourself before investing in a VA.

What’s a VA and why do I need one?

A VA is a contractor who is trained in a wide range of skills.

A VA is crucial for a business where their skills are limited. Sometimes small businesses will have an insufficient amount of employees, meaning that their set of skills will be limited. This will result in them only being able to offer a short set of services to customers, which can limit the amount of business they’ll get.

A VA can offer a new, wide range of skills and services that your business can offer customers.

How a VA benefit the business?

The ultimate question; what benefits the business? Even Superman only has 24 hours in his day, the same as you. It’s impossible to get everything done and when it comes to small businesses, it can feel overwhelming.

Unfortunately, between juggling clients and small tasks, a lot can get neglected. Marketing and gathering new leads are only two of the important jobs that usually get pushed to the back burner on busy days.

This results in the business lacking in growth and getting stuck in one place. A VA can help by either taking on some of the smaller tasks for you or taking care of the bigger ones. At the end of the day, you always need to ask yourself what will benefit the business.

How much work are you doing?

Any small business owner will tell you the truth – your work never ends. Often business owners will have to bring their work home with them or spend an unhealthy amount of time in the office, which doesn’t benefit either them or the business.

It’s important that you’re examining your workload and deciding if you’re doing too much work and, ultimately, harming your business.

A VA helps by taking off not only the workload but also the extra stress that comes from a business owner’s busy life. It’s not uncommon to see business owners feel guilty for hiring more help when in reality it’s far better if they do.

Although it’s difficult to find someone to keep permanently, a VA offers an excellent alternative.

When your CEO is getting sleep and feeling less stressed they will not only feel more energized and be able to work better, but they’ll also feel more motivated in their personal life.

A happier employee in their personal life benefits their business life and, overall, will benefit the company.

Overall, a VA is a wise investment and one that every small business should look into.

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