Marketing Strategies for Startups on a Budget


Marketing? Your startup might be a little strapped for cash, and that’s okay. But don’t you need a big budget to scale up your startup? Not at all. Here are the strategies to adopt if your budget is tight.

Choose a Great Domain Name

Domain registrations are usually cheaper than you might expect, and thanks to an influx of new first-level domain options (e.g. .tech, .io, and .media), you can get a name that truly suits your business. Keep the second-level domain (i.e. the part before the dot-com or dot-whatever) short and sweet, and make sure it matches your brand.

Create Great Marketing Content

These days, most of the traffic to your website is going to come from organic search? That means that paying for ads isn’t as important as having great content hosted on your site. Aim to create great blogs, how-to articles, and other high-value content that taps into what your target audience might be searching for. Not a writer? Hire a freelancer or two to help you out.

Use Video Marketing

Video is the number-one way that people now consume and receive information. By creating information-rich videos, you can lure in traffic through social media and organic search. Thanks to declining costs in video production, you no longer have to cough up tons of money to have compelling videos. A winning strategy: Create videos to accompany your blog content, then include a call-to-action for viewers to visit your website.

Reach Out to the Press

Look for ways to get into local newspapers and industry publications. Pitch guest articles to an editor, or share news of your latest award or initiative with a reporter. This will help you gain backlinks to your website, and you’ll also expand your audience as the publication’s established readership learns of your startup. It can be hard to break in, so check out your city’s networking meetups for a better chance of meeting the right person to get your story covered.

Tell Your Story

These days, consumers appreciate honesty and authenticity among startups. Take time on your social media to share your startup’s story: Who are your founders? How did you come up with this idea? What are your goals? You’ll grow your audience and encourage people to become loyal to your brand. Keep it natural and relatable for the best results.

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