With its guarantee of boundless prospects, artificial intelligence (AI) is getting progressively unavoidable in business circles. Its capacities to expand human capacities have been shown across functions, and AI-driven chatbots have assumed a basic job here.

There are numerous AI chatbots in the market today, and keeping in mind that some may accompany comparable highlights, they are to a great extent unique and offer shifting degrees of capacities. While a few organizations can adjust to fundamental bots for their utilization cases, others may require further developed programming to run their tasks adequately. With numerous choices to browse, associations will do well to comprehend which will suit their business needs the best.

Here is a rundown of some AI chatbots in the market today, and while some may come with similar features, they are largely different and offer varying levels of capabilities.


With Botsify, organizations can undoubtedly create chatbots without the requirement for extreme coding and decoding. Combining the support of both AI and human agents, it allows businesses’ to nimbly switch to the latter in case of emergencies. What is more, it can conduct conversations in multiple languages. Additionally, the platform promises a faster response rate, better customer retention, and more qualified leads. Although it charges $50 (onwards), it does provide a two-week trial period for businesses.

Mobile Monkey

Rising as one of the famous platforms to build AI chatbots for Facebook Messenger and SMS, Mobile Monkey offers businesses an interactive interface to interact with their customers more effectively.


This platform enables businesses to build a bot in under five minutes! What is more, they are given the option of choosing between 20 pre-developed bots or even customize it without any coding requirements. While its key features remain its ability to support a wide range of content — from images to gifs to videos — other reasons to make this your choice of a chatbot is its capability to allow users to meet their end-to-end solutions. Although it is free to use (for a limited period), businesses will have to pay $0.0010 per message after that.


HubSpot offers a full heap of programming for substance, deals and advertising administrations, just as free CRM to sort out better and assemble better connections. Its essential element is its substance showcasing stream that empowers organizations to viably react to an enormous customer base. Albeit a few highlights are accessible for nothing, appropriate bundles start at $35 every month.

Watson Assistant

This allows businesses to build advanced conversational interfaces into any device, website, apps or cloud. Developed by IBM, it does not require users to have any prior coding experience. Watson Assistant is pre-trained with content from specific industries and allows businesses to build and deploy conversational interactions. Although the Lite versions with limited features come for free, packages start from $120 for 1,000 users per month along with a free 30-day trial.

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