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What is is a cloud-based Work OS, where teams create workflow apps in minutes to run their processes, projects, and everyday work. Teams shape their workflows and projects, code-free, with a platform that adapts to shifting needs quickly, liberates teams from manual grunt work, and connects teams in a collaborative workspace. 

The platform’s features include: customizable workflow templates to manage anything your way, time tracking to meet important deadlines, automations to eliminate manual work, dashboards to gain valuable insights and know where things stand at a glance, and integrations with popular tools and apps to streamline processes. 

More than 100,000 companies around the world use to free their teams to move faster and let them focus on the work that requires their talents.

The world of project management applications is changing and growing rapidly, gone are the days of clunky-looking databases and sheets and now a new era dawns upon us. is a great platform that allows us to organize our work visually in a way that is easy to use and understand.

Here’s why we love

Customer Testimonials

Video Review Walk through Pros and Cons


Monday is great for creating boards and “pulses” which are basically tasks that can be assigned to different people. Using a horizontal view, the task can be broken down into different tasks with different ways to show progress on the task.

The clean interface and color coding within a project or board make it easier to process information and give updates to tasks assigned. In some ways, it feels like a digital whiteboard with sticky notes that provide different updates to tasks.

The pulse boards have customizable views. I like what someone said, it’s like an Excel sheet but highly customizable, you can also change the views to show the kanban view, timeline, or standard view. It is modular and works well for multiple teams working on projects at the same time.

Monday’s templates save you a lot of time and work, you can pick what works for you and make it work for you. It’s good for beginners and advanced users in that regard.


Notifications can be a pain, you have to go into personal settings to shut them off. Also, there is an inbox and notifications bar, so that is a bit confusing to handle.

I found myself dealing with emails and notifications but once I had shut them down everything was good again.

Another thing that is a bit of a pain point, is there is no way to share a pulse to another board. Other apps do have a way of doing this but that is not the case here. You have to create the same pulse and provide individual updates to it which feels like a lot of work for teams who work on multiple projects at a time. If there was a way to share a pulse between boards, it would be a huge time saver.

My biggest gripe tends to be mobile apps. I like Monday’s app but I feel it is not the best implementation especially for on the go collaboration. If the app had a better portrait view and didn’t feel like an excel sheet that you need to zoom out to look at it, it would be a winner. The thing though is I do not know how that can change. Ratings

Comparison vs Trello

Trello is all about the Kanban method for managing your work. With, you can manage your way with multiple options to view, analyze, organize, and execute your projects.

Dashboards are a great way to display what’s important in one central place. It makes it easy to track project progress, estimate workload, and monitor budgets. It also keeps your team focused and motivated on the high-level goals that move your team forward.

Importing your projects from Trello is easy and secure, making the move takes literally 2 clicks of a button. Enjoy continuous real-time data syncing so you can keep your teammates in the loop while letting them work their way. is the tool that scales with your team, meaning it can be as simple or as robust as you need it to be. Both small startups and large enterprise companies use our work platform to manage and track even their most complex processes with ease. vs Asana

Don’t waste time & money juggling multiple tools. replaces your time tracking tool, project management solution, email, chat app & reporting system. If you still want to keep your favorite tools, you can easily integrate them in just a few clicks.

Easily see the big picture and know where things stand. Get a high-level visual overview of your team’s work. Rapidly understand your team’s performance to make sure everyone is on track.

Collaborate directly in the context of any project with a designated space for real-time communication. Share files, comments, and feedback in one central place, mentioning all relevant teammates with automatic customizable notifications on every update.

Importing your projects from asana is easy and secure, making the move takes literally 2 clicks of a button. Enjoy continuous real-time data syncing in both systems so you can keep your teammates in the loop while letting them work their way. vs Basecamp offers the ability to automate your tasks and workflows so you can focus on what really matters.

With, you can view your projects in Timelines, Kanbans, Maps, and more, so you’ll always see the big picture. offers time tracking for all your projects, so you can know exactly how much time is spent on each project and task.

You can easily import your projects with just 2 clicks and keep all your data secured. We’ll continuously sync all your Basecamp projects so you can test both tools at the same time.


Technical Value

It assembles and displays progress data in a logical and understandable manner, making it possible for all team members to keep track of projects and common operations.

All team members are assembled on a single board, promptly notified and alerted, and enabled to store all relevant discussions in a searchable database.

Acts as the central place to integrate your other key communication channels such as Slack, Zoom, email, and Microsoft Teams.

Your team can share files, feedback, and ideas, while helping you assign tasks, get progress updates, and generally have a big picture of everyone’s activities all in a consolidated location.

Business Value

Increase customer satisfaction:

Clients can be invited as guests to view a certain board and see the progress of their project at any time.

It will help project managers decide which option suits their current phase of business and provides the features they need.

It’s a good fit for both small and mid-sized companies, and the customizations it offers mean it can be tailored to work within nearly any industry or specific in-house team.

Personal Value

  1. Keeping track of communication needs
  2. Tracking Client
  3. Keep everyone on the same page
  4. Easily to work with freelancers and third parties
  5. Automated Functions
    1. Recurring task
    2. Reminders emails
    3. Notifications
    4. Task status changes


It’s incredibly easy to create a workflow or “Board”, add participants, and follow the progress of many tasks with ease. We can attach any supporting files or materials needed to each post and tag a specific user. Email and desktop notifications alert you on any activity and there is a web-based site you can go to or the even better desktop and mobile app versions.

One of the few cons I can think of is the absence of a “repeating or scheduled task”. I know there are ways around this but it seems like something that should be native to it.

This software is absolutely the best browser-based solution I have found. I am able to provide more transparency to my clientele and collaborate with my team than ever before. Not only has it aided in communication, but it is one of my primary features in our service product.

It would be nice if there were a tutorial for each guest I invite. While I find it highly intuitive, some guests need instruction on how to open a task and where to drop files. Additionally, it would be nice to see a ‘to-do’ section for the activities that don’t make it to my inbox. Perhaps a check-box on a task, or a section that is divided by dates. The notifications are ok, or perhaps I need to learn more about how to make the dashboard do this.

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