The Rise of Superman by Steven Kotler

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The Rise of Superman by Steven Kotler is the first book to offer a comprehensive examination of the evolution of sports. An exploration of what athletes are capable of and how far they reach during a competition, this groundbreaking book by New York Times bestselling author Steve Kotler provides a profound glimpse into the human condition. Combining personal experience with a wealth of scientific data, Kotler provides an exhaustive analysis of what athletes are capable of. His analysis is often humorous at times, but at no time does he lose sight of the importance of understanding and analyzing athletic performance. Kotler’s observations, insights, and analyses are both entertaining and enlightening.

The Rise of Superman concept

Kotler begins the book with a discussion of his desire to be a sports writer. He had been a die-hard fan of college and professional basketball since childhood, and when he discovered that there were other sports besides college basketball that would captivate the attention of American sports fans, he decided to pursue this passion. He studied and wrote about every aspect of sports in order to understand everything there was to know about sports. 

The Rise of Superman book begins with an examination of what athletes do during competition. Then, it covers the psychological, physiological, and organizational challenges of athletic performance. Following this is a look at the physiological processes that athletes undergo while in competition. It also delves into the mental, emotional, and social pressures athletes face as they compete.

In addition to these topics, Kotler devotes an entire chapter to the rise of sports in America. He examines how athletes evolved to become competitive, and how they created sports organizations to further their cause. Today’s athletes are trying to recreate this evolution by often seeking help to improve their performance and mental makeup. This is the book that every athlete should read; it is a must for anyone who enjoys sports. If you have not yet read it, you are in for a real treat.

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