Creating Remarkable Content That Gets Read and Shared

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Have you ever wondered how your favorite bloggers crank out amazing blog posts time after time? It’s not raw writing talent or laboring over a draft for 8 hours a day.

They all follow a process to go from blank page to compelling blog post. These steps almost guarantee that anything they write will be read and shared.

You can do it, too.


Strategy 1: Give them what they want

This sounds obvious, but it’s actually a lot subtler than you think. I see most beginners writing content that they think people need.

For example, when I started writing about personal finance, frugality nuts said, “You need to save 60% of your income. You need to stop spending money on XYZ. You need, you need, you need!”

They lectured people and told them what they needed.

And I would sit there and wonder, “How do you deal with a cheap friend who never chips in for a tip?” That’s what people want to talk about. So you could start there.

You could also write about how people get to the end of the month, look at their bank account, and wonder where all their money went.

That’s giving people what they want.


Strategy 2: Challenge people once in awhile

It’s easy to only write what people want. But it can be a quick descent into hell, where you’re always telling people, “14 Ways to Cut Your Belly Fat!”

How many times can you really say that? Sometimes you need to challenge people. Get them to think about things they normally wouldn’t.


Strategy 3: Make it interactive

The third thing, which a lot of people miss, is to make emails interactive. When you are writing, ask readers to reply. You’ll see I always do that at the bottom of my emails. I write, “Just reply to this email. I read every response.”

Those emails go out to hundreds of thousands of people. And I do read every response.

So don’t think that you have too many people on your list. You’re lucky if you’re overloaded with responses. That’s a good problem to have. It means you have a super-engaged audience.

At the end of the day, people want to know they’re being listened to — not just being marketed to. 

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