How To Develop Loyal Customers

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Create an offer your market can’t wait to buy

To turn short-term clients into customers for life, you want to build a brand that instantly connects with your customers on an emotional level.


Turn your weakness into your greatest strength

The number one thing you have to do is realize and accept that most of your students are never going to come back to organic chemistry.

Don’t fret over this and spend any time worry about it. Acknowledge this as fact and move on. That way you can spend your time turning this perceived weakness into an advantage.


Start by thinking about other industries — industries outside of the online world where people have a one-time interaction with their customer.

Can you think of any?

One example is a car salesman, right?

You go to the car dealership, buy a car from a guy, and he’ll most likely never see you again.

Another example would be a realtor. You buy a house from them, and that’s it for at least 5 years.

Both of these industries face the same challenge as David, yet in both cases, people can do very well with the right tools.

For example, what do car salespeople and realtors do to keep growing their business despite these challenges?

First of all, they get a ton of referrals, and they’re always trying to get more. Chances are if someone is buying a car or a home, they know other people who are doing the same.

One thing I want encourage you to do is think beyond just the internet world. Look outside at different industries and understand different strategies.

There’s a lot you can learn from and apply to help your business grow.


Create customers for life

The second critical point is: You have to stop thinking about the transaction of “getting a customer” — and you have to start thinking about how to build a real, deep relationship with your students.

For example, when I started out, I only wrote about personal finance.

But it turned out that the same people who want to learn about personal finance also want to learn about a lot of other stuff.

I asked them, “What should I write about?” And they told me exactly what they wanted more of: posts on earning money. So I took what they told me and I started writing about earning more.

Then they told me they wanted to hear about careers.

Can you guess what I started writing about next? If you said careers, you are right.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

I started with writing about money, and the ideas continued to progress with my audience overtime. Now I write about all kinds of topics, from business to psychology and even food.

Well, while he might believe he’s limited to writing about just chemistry, he’s actually got so much more.

All he has to do is ask his readers, “What are you interested in hearing more about?”

Maybe they’re interested in general study skills, speed reading, or the classes that come after organic chemistry.

You have to think about your business multi-dimensionally. It’s not just about, “What can I sell somebody today?” It’s, “What do my students need over the lifetime of this relationship?”

Develop an offer your market can’t wait to buy

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