How Do Chatbots Perform As Customer Support?

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To cut out all the conspiratological thoughts, let’s agree — technology is not replacing humans, it gives humans a better environment to perform and act.

In traditional customer support, the client spends time to:

 — write email
 — call customer support and wait in the line (usually a lot)
 — internal system to approach the customer support team

Meantime, the agent from the customer support spends time on these:

 — replying to customer within an email
 — replying to the call, clarifying the issue/request
 — replying in the internal system to the customer
 — registering a ticket (customer’s request)
 — resolving the ticket (in case of success)
 — sending a survey for the customer

Since we talk about chatbots, in most cases chatbot does not do what the customer support agent does and everyone benefits from that. Curious?

Let’s spread a few facts.

This all tells us that traditional customer support is not effective. Specifically in big corporations. Clients are unhappy, employees stressed, hardware expenses continue, and low results.

Chatbots are filling the most crucial part of customer support — waiting and response. Chatbot makes it immediate. This matters. A lot.

Here’s a scenario:

A leading insurance company called Pasha Insurance wanted a chatbot for their business. We made a customized chatbot that responds to the website users and random visitors.

A tool that could look like “addition”, did an actual irreplaceable job.

In August 2020, chatbot did next:

 — talked to 12203 users
 — obtained 70 travel insurance requests
 — registered almost 400 mobile numbers
 — made 70 appointments with the doctor
 — and many more…

For all of this chatbot’s average time spent per user was 1 minute.

Of course, there were requests that have been transferred to the live agents, but the matter is not only in bringing solutions but also — proving a valuable & joyful experience for the clients.

It’s clear that without a website chatbot a really few people would hesitate to call & write to the customer support team. Specifically out of business hours.

In our customized report to the client, we try to highlight what is better to improve for the customer, what kind of information is better to add, and what to avoid.

I’m sure that the results are important, but it’s important to make them healthy.

For anyone willing to learn more, contact us today!

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