Why Real Estate Agents Need Virtual Assistants

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Most real estate professionals spend most of their time chasing down leads and closing deals.

But that isn’t all that they have to manage.

They also need assistance in managing their calendars, contracts and property databases.

However, hiring an office assistant to do all of this can be costly!

So why not hire a real estate virtual assistant?

Virtual assistants are skilled at their work and less expensive than a full-time employee, as they usually charge by the task or hour.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know why real estate agents need Virtual Assistants.


Keep Contacts Organized and Up-to-Date

If you’re like most real estate agents, you probably have contacts stored in a variety of places, including your inbox, email management tool, CRM, Excel, etc. This makes keeping track of people, curating lists to send targeted newsletters to, and engaging in other outreach activities difficult to do effectively.

When you start working with Life of Automation, your virtual assistant can consolidate all of your contacts as you see fit. After that, they’ll ensure all of your contact management systems are consistent and up-to-date.


Adopt Your Communication Preferences

When you’re moving around your markets viewing properties, meeting clients, and carrying out other responsibilities, it may not be convenient to call your virtual assistant or send them an email when you need urgent tasks done.

Your assistant will adopt the messaging tools you use and respond to all requests within the hour so you have easy access to support while on the go. Whenever they aren’t immediately available, your backup assistant or someone else from their team will respond and ensure you get the support you need.


Provide Robust Research for Business Development

A key to being a top producer is knowing your target markets inside and out. The challenge is that doing research yourself takes time away from your clients, assessing properties, and other strategic activities. Your virtual assistant will carefully curate the latest research to keep you well-informed and support your business development. Information we gather for our current clients includes:

Neighborhood information

Market trends

Competitor offerings

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