How can a VA have an impact on your business?

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How can a VA have a direct and measurable impact on your business?

The opportunities really are endless when it comes to hiring a VA. Here’s just a taster of what they can help with.

Keeping your finances on track

Research by Tide has found that the average small business spends an hour and a half each day chasing up unpaid invoices. Think of the time you could save allocating this task to someone else. 

While Virtual Assistants certainly can’t replace the role of an accountant, they can dedicate a large amount of time to helping you stay on top of your finances. They can log your company expenses, issue invoices, chase payments, and liaise with your financial professionals to make sure everything is on track. Each and every one of these tasks will have a direct and measurable impact on your balance sheet. 

Marketing your business

A Virtual Assistant can get involved in helping to shape and implement that all-important marketing strategy. They can be on hand to write blog and newsletter content, research your competitors, run your social media channels, and update your website. A laser focus on your marketing tasks will ultimately help attract more customers. 

Managing your HR

If you already have a team in place, the smooth running of your recruitment and onboarding process is incredibly important for attracting and maintaining talent. When the estimated average cost of replacing an employee is over £3,000, onboarding certainly isn’t an area you want to overlook. A Virtual Assistant can be on hand to welcome new recruits, show them the ropes, and keep on top of databases and recruitment software. 

Monitoring your customer service

According to a study by Microsoft, 96% of consumers say customer service is important in their choice of loyalty to a brand so it’s not an area you can afford to ignore. A VA can help deliver a quick, friendly response to customers and give this workstream the full attention it deserves. The result? Happy customers and a smooth experience for all involved.

The list really does go on. In fact, one of the most comprehensive Virtual Assistant services to check out is Life of Automation Singularity Assistant. Their team can do all manner of tasks – their website is packed full of information on you could be delegating to their virtual team.

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