Why Email Automation Works

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What is email automation?

Some marketers send every subscriber the same exact message with one-time emails.

The thing is, this generic content isn’t necessarily relevant or valuable to subscribers.

But, with the creation of email automation, messages send themselves. And, they can be segmented and properly timed, which will make them more relevant too.


But how does it do all of that?

Simply put, email automation is when you set up a series of emails to send automatically to subscribers at a specific time.

With it, you can connect with a person at every stage of their buyer journey (a.k.a. the marketing funnel) — from lead to customer to brand advocate. You can build a relationship with an individual over the long term.

And the best part? It runs on autopilot, creating connections and increasing revenue while you work on other aspects of your business.

You can set up single series automation — where a person subscribes to your list and is automatically sent email 1, then email 2, then email 3, etc. in a sequence.

Why email automation works

1. Email automation gives you a direct line of contact to customers

There are 3.7 billion email users worldwide, and about 27% of them check their emails as soon as they receive a new email notification.

And 66% of online consumers have made a purchase as a result of an email marketing message, a higher conversion rate than messaging through direct mailings or social media.  This means that email gets you better conversions and overall results.

Want some more statistics? We thought you’d never ask. According to VB Insight,

  • 80% of marketers reported increased lead generation with email automation.
  • 77% saw conversion rates rise with email automation.

Simply put, email marketing automation works!


2. Email automation helps you send messages your subscribers want

Email marketing automation allows you to segment your list of subscribers based on their interests, purchase history, and even actions they take on your site (this is called action-based automation, and I’ll get into this more in-depth later in this article).

Want to send an email to all the vegans on your list? The September birthdays? The webinar registrants? The sweatshirt buyers?

You can!

For example, let’s say you’re a fitness trainer. You could then send an automated email based on the skill level of the trainee: beginner, intermediate, or expert.

This way, you can send each customer targeted information to fit their individual needs.

When consumers get emails with information that’s relevant to them, they’re more likely to click through your email. Plus, relevant content reduces the risk of your message getting deleted or ending up in the dreaded spam folder.


3. Email marketing automation saves you time

When you’re running a small business, you don’t have time to write and deliver emails to each individual subscriber.

Luckily, email automation can do all that work for you!

With email automation, you can set a schedule for when your emails go out and to whom. And your email marketing platform will send those emails for you at the right time. This gives you more time to craft relevant and effective messaging, which is the key to boosting click-through rates, conversions, and overall consumer engagement.

Email automation gives you a unique and convenient way to nurture the connection you have with your audience. And that is the key to maintaining engagement with your subscribers.

Start automating your Emails today!

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