Top Business Process to Automate Today

Top 4 Business Process to Automate Today
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Automation is a true blessing for every business owner and entrepreneur – especially if they are bootstrapping their business. The automation technology is enabling them to grow at the rapid speed and get ahead of their competitors. Apart from amplifying growth, automation helps businesses eliminate repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Moreover, it minimizes errors, standardize processes, and improves employees’ productivity. Business automation is the next best step for every business – no matter how small or big

Top 4 Business Process to Automate Today

1. Customer Onboarding with Digital Adoption Platform

Customer onboarding is where you make your brand’s first impression. The kind of experience you create during the onboarding will stay with them throughout their time with your brand. More importantly, the customer onboarding experience can help reduce your customer churn rate and can also help you turn your customers into promoters.

2. Packages & Delivery with Digital Mailroom Management

Mailroom management includes inbound & outbound mail management, vendor management, pre-processing of mails, reporting, analysis, and more. There are many low-stake tedious processes like data entry, etc. in the entire mailroom management scheme of things. Any business would benefit greatly by automating the backend of the mailroom by using good digital mailroom.

A good mailroom management software will digitize your entire backend and would enable you to organize, automate, and operate your mailroom and its related processes with data-driven insights.

3. Customer Support with Live Chat, Chatbots, and Ticketing System

Collectively, live chat, chatbots, ticketing systems are revolutionizing the way businesses approach customer support. These tools and software have made it easier for businesses to provide personalized customer support at scale. Around 50% of businesses are planning to spend more on chatbots than mobile apps.

Since consumer behavior is shifting from emails and calls towards chats and self-help, they also prefer live chat, chatbots, exhaustive knowledge bases, and ticketing systems. 

4. Marketing with Marketing Automation Software

Imagine sending emails individually to all of your customers, replying to individual DMs on social media, or calculating a number of reverts and conversions after an email campaign. This is literally every marketer’s hell – all these tasks are tedious, menial, mind-numbing, and endless and your marketing team would bore themselves by doing such tasks. 

That’s where marketing automation comes into the picture. Such tools and software give marketers the ability to be consistent in their efforts, maintain brand image and quality of content, nurture leads, and whatnot. Marketers are also able to personalize communication across the touchpoints and are able to be present in the right place, at right time to convert leads into customers.

There are many benefits to automating business processes and almost all businesses are experimenting with the technology and solutions right now. The best way to beat your competitors is by staying ahead of the curve and be an early adopter in this. Otherwise, it’ll be really hard to catch up when automation becomes the new normal of conducting businesses which is quite a possibility.

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