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Why Meet in VR?

The global work sphere is growing as teams unite from all four corners of the world. It’s not uncommon for both startups and corporate entities to have a decentralized team distributed across multiple locations or home offices. Business trips aren’t always possible, effective or feasible, so remote meetings are essential to foster team-building, company culture, and quick execution.

Enable Remote Collaboration

Spatial communications enable remote collaboration at any time and from anywhere around the globe, allowing teams to create and communicate regardless of physical location. It takes it a step further by allowing participants to interact face-to-face in 3D environments from anywhere in the world.

PowerUp Team Meetings

Virtual meetings facilitate meetings where active participation is encouraged and each member has a chance to present their work and projects to the rest of the team. This makes everyone accountable for their work and encourages interaction between departments

Foster Company Culture

VR enables immersive on-site experiences and hands-on opportunities, enabling teams to truly collaborate from remote locations. Interactive tools can be used to problem-solve, team build, foster creative collaboration, and host hands-on workshops.

Limited Time Offer

With Meetings In VR, you’ll get 

  • 1 Event – Completely set up by the Life of Automation Team
  • Room Selection – Depending on the size and purpose of the meeting, participants can choose the type of environment to host the meeting
  • Present slides
  • Present videos 
  • Host Event
  • Promote Your Event in VR – For Public Meetings

Why are Meetings In VR the best way to meet?

We aren’t meant to be looking down at screens and thumb tapping our conversations. We do best in-person: standing tall and looking straight at our colleagues. 

Virtual meetings allow us to move away from flat screens and into 3D interactive environments—the closest thing to face-to-face meetings.

vr screen side

Building a Culture of Collective Success

VR can be used to train internal teams, to organize networking events and implement peer-to-peer learning programs designed around your company’s key corporate values

Using Virtual Reality for Team Building

Facilitate meetings where active participation is encouraged and each member has a chance to present their work and projects to the rest of the team. This makes everyone accountable for their work and encourages interaction between departments.

Boost Your Remote Teams Morale

Boost your remote team’s morale & productivity with internal workshops and team-building activities. This enables teams to work together more efficiently and draw on their shared pool of knowledge and skills.

Watch How Virtual Reality Can Benefit Your Business

Happy People

See what customers who are running Meetings In VR have to say about us.

Andy M.

“When I first heard about Meetings In VR, I thought it sounded super-interactive. Meetings in Virtual Reality? I loved the idea, but I always thought that it required a lot of equipment and money. I needed a better solution then Zoom calls but couldn’t afford any of the options out there

Fortunately, I tried Meetings In VR and I loved the results. The difference in the engagement levels of the team since running meetings in VR are significant. The meetings feel much more interactive and immersive. Best of all, I don’t have to worry about any of the usual technical hassles involved.

I feel so thrilled since I discovered Meetings In VR.”

James T.

“I tried Meetings In VR, because I was tired of the lack of engagement during video calls.. Automatic Script helped by providing a 3d interactive environment for the team to engage in like never before. The results were amazing!

One thing I really liked was the ability for my team to access the room from a desktop or their VR headsets. The experience was I’ve never been more thrilled to have meetings scheduled. Weekly team meetings were always a bore, and worst of all, I never looked forward to them. Now that I am running all of my meetings in VR, I can’t hold back my excitement. I would recommend Meetings In VR to anyone looking to use new technologies to empower their remote teams and virtual company culture!”

Jose O.

“Meetings In VR is responsible for best results I have ever received from a team meeting.. After using “Meetings In VR”, the team actually starting looking forward to conference calls. Best of all, the time we spend together in the virtual world has helped with developing company culture, something which I was struggling to do with a remote team “

Keiki S.

“I love Meetings In VR, because it’s so easy to use. I just answer a few questions about my meeting and the team at Life of Automation sets up the rest. While it may seem like getting your team on board with virtual reality will be difficult, I have to say that I’m really impressed. I’m not the only one either-based on the number of messages I get from my team asking “when is our next Meeting in Vr”, I’d say they’re pretty impressed too…”

Looking Great

Team building increases productivity, empowers workers to share their knowledge and skills and work together to find innovative solutions to problems as a group. 

Using VR, you can organize activities designed to engage your employees and encourage the collaboration of all members, which will lead to increased job satisfaction and a sense of belonging despite their living in different corners of the world.



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