Comparing Costs of Copywriting

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Types of Copywriting Solutions

Copywriting is defined as the engagement of developing written content for advertisement materials.  It has several types such as Website copywriting, Skyscraper copywriting, and Content refresh. 

When a business or organization has a need or vacancy for a Copywriter, the appropriate hiring personnel has the following settings to fill that role: 

(1) in-house atmosphere, 

(2) freelance basis, 

(3) agency utilization, 

(4) other external services.

From a financial standpoint, the most economically feasible option is to utilize an external resource. 

Life of Automation’s Singularity is particularly favorable not only due to its operational costs but also because it yields successful results.

Let us give you some of the expected expenses you need to prepare in hiring a copywriter.

In-House Copywriting Expenses

Minimum Budget Needed: $5,429.25  

This includes the salary of the employee, as well as employee benefits, and office space. The total amount of anticipated monthly expenses depends on whether the organization intends to fill the position as a junior level or senior level copywriter position, which comes with different negotiated terms. 

Before considering salary, it is important to cover operational and overhead expenses, such as website applications, software licensing, office management (supplies, space, furniture, and office perks). These fees easily accumulate to $2,000 per month.

On average, the base salary of a junior copywriter is $4,027.00 per month. A senior copywriter, on the other hand, expects a monthly salary of at least $5,429.25. 

Aside from the basic salary, you have to give competitive benefits to your in-house copywriter.

Typical benefits include bonuses, 401(k) investment opportunity, health care benefits, PTO (paid time off), and pension. These benefits cost employers approximately $8,147.35. Copywriters with special experience or credentials will negotiate for higher salaries and benefit options. 

While there are some benefits to an in-house copywriter such as clear team focus and efforts and easy access to resources, it comes at an extremely high financial risk of over $5,000 per month.


Minimum Budget Needed: $3,479.00

This type of employment can somehow give relief to your business finances due to less maintenance on office equipment and a fixed set rate.

A Freelance copywriter has average compensation of $3,479.00 per month. This set rate is not negotiable and usually does not include revision fees. 

Freelance Copywriters’ salaries are also distinguished by junior and senior level. Junior copywriters should expect an average salary of $3,919.00 per month, while senior copywriters can negotiate a salary of at least $7,350.00 per month.

Freelance and agency services carry the same risk as in-house copywriters- extreme financial risk.


Minimum Budget Needed: $3,919.00

Junior copywriters should expect an average salary of $3,919.00 per month, while senior copywriters can negotiate a salary of at least $7,350 per month plus of course, you will be paying the agency for finding the right employee for you.

Though not as expensive as copywriters hired on an in-house basis, the quality of the work may become a concern. 

When a copywriter is hired through an agency, the organization’s internal recruiter is not able to screen them beforehand. The copywriter is hired solely dependent and in reliance on the word of the agency. 

When the work product or professional mannerism of the copywriter is not the right fit for the organization, they must use the agency to serve as a middle spokesperson and to find a replacement as quickly as possible.

Freelance and agency copywriting services carry the same risk as in-house copywriters- extreme financial risk.

Singularity Assistant

Budget Needed: $750.00

Life of Automation provides copywriting services through its Singularity Assistant.

Singularity’s team of virtual assistants are just as skilled and talented as an in-house or freelance, or agency copywriter. 

Further, Singularity also provides a wide range of services, including automation, marketing, sales, customer support, web design, and illustrations. 

In return for your smart investment in exceptional copywriting, you will save money and advance your business one more step toward success.

By availing the Singularity Assistant, not just you have paid for a copywriter, also you paid for an account manager. Account managers will look into the quality of output and ensure the best performance.

Simply look over the comparable salary numbers. You will see it is an easy choice as to which service provider should you entrust your business-related writing needs on a regular basis. 

Life of Automation provides these services for the extremely favorable fee of $750 per month.


To some extent, there are benefits that each in-house copywriters, freelance copywriters, and agency copywriters enjoy. However, agency writers allow a business owner to enjoy its respective benefits without a large financial sacrifice. 

Life of Automation’s Singularity raises the bar from the standard agency copywriting services. Compared to in-house copywriting and freelance copywriting, Singularity provides more variety of services at an extremely reasonable price.

Life of Automation offers more services without extreme financial risk.

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