What Everybody Ought to Know About Zoho One


What is Zoho One?

Zoho One is an innovative and comprehensive suite of business applications. The platform places complete administrative control in the hands of users at an affordable price. Administrators and owners are also afforded full supervision over business data, from employee management and team guidance to work processes and security policies.

With Zoho One, entrepreneurs and businesses can also bring their work with them on mobile devices through native applications for Android and iOS. These apps give users the same experience they get when they are on a desktop or laptop with just one login and password.

An all-inclusive platform like Zoho One enables users to access correct information anytime and anywhere, encouraging employees to be more productive and efficient.

Zoho One includes more than 40 applications with complementary mobile apps so you can run your entire business on one suite. This is the real deal here: You’re getting full-featured, enterprise editions of the entire Zoho suite.

That means being able to reach customers, grow sales, balance your books, and work in productive and collaborative ways from any device with a single login and password.

Tool Overview

Pros and Cons


I really love it and recommend it to all our clients who are small and medium-sized businesses.

As a newbie, I’m only just discovering the power in this software and I’m awed and excited for the possibilities for my company not only in growth but organization and outreach.

I love that I can sync my data between products so it’s there when I need to use it in another product. I love that I can use the Admin Panel to open each product when needed.”

Zoho One has helped us stay on top of all the things that are important in our business. From managing customers and leads to staying on top of our finances. It has been very useful in streamlining a lot of the processes we had in our company and finding new and meaningful ways to improve upon them in both time and cost. For certain processes that we weren’t really sure about how to do it right (like HR) – it made these things much easier for us and gave us a system to keep all our challenges insight rather than being overwhelmed by them.


Zoho One has glaring shortcomings. Firstly, you will get frustrated if you rely on the software’s promises. For example, it’s accounting software, with inventory tracking and project management, but you can’t keep account of the inventory items you use to complete a project. If you want to know how much a project costs the company, incredibly you can’t count the cost of the inventory items you used in the project. You have to recreate everything in Excel to know that. Or if a vendor worked on two projects, I am still trying to figure out how to pay them with one payment, and split the amount to each project in Zoho. I have to pay for two different transactions. Secondly, the support techs make me spend an hour or more on a call and not having my issue resolved.

I’m constantly battling bugs. The CRM works. We’ve had weeks and weeks of the accounting not syncing with our bank Support has been wrong, dismissive, unhelpful, and poor communicators. That’s been true of MANY BUGS in non-CRM apps. Bugs. Poor support.



Zoho One vs Liquid Planner

LiquidPlanner gives teams a better way to plan and execute work. Teams at more than 2,000 organizations use our online project management and scheduling technology to focus on the work that matters, make data-informed decisions, and deliver projects on time.

Our team is fairly small (~50 users across the company) so we do not have dedicated resources to just maintain the information in Liquid Planer. However, Liquid planner is accessible and intuitive so we can have several team members contribute to the maintenance of project schedules as part of their duties. We use Liquid Planner to manage the temporal aspects of project management. The tool is very good for what it is designed to do. There is a rich set of reporting tools that allow for customization to meet our needs. It has done this job for us very well. The support provided has been timely and effective.

We have prevented primary resources from being over-allocated. This shows where the bottlenecks are and allows us to apply another resource to a particular task or project if needed.

Zoho One vs Scoro

The scoro is an end-to-end project & business management solution. It allows professional and creative services to control their entire workflow from one place. In addition to project management features, Scoro provides all the tools you need to fully manage your business: work & task scheduling and tracking, collaboration, contact database & CRM, quoting and billing, advanced reporting, real-time dashboards, and much more. Sign up for a 14-day free trial to see for yourself!

Ready day 1 to automate our business processes, both main that bring money in and supportive, eg reminders for unpaid bills; time tracking, labor cost tracking, calendar oversight vs resource, mobile phone usage, integration with other platforms.

Zoho One vs ProofHub

ProofHub is a SaaS-based project management software that comes with integrated powerful features. It enables teams to collaborate and communicate over projects in an easy and flexible manner from one place and is also available for both Android and iOS operating systems; making it easy for even remote teams to stay connected. Plus, you also get a free trial before going for the paid version.

ProofHub made everything easier, smarter, and faster, without breaking the bank. Thanks to ProofHub, We’ve better control of our projects, tasks, and communications. We work together better. We’ve been saving tons of time. This eliminated all the fuzziness from our work process. We’ve been identifying and knocking problems out faster. We achieve better work satisfaction. We’ve been able to bring down our project delivery time. And… we’re 10x more productive.


Zoho One has helped us stay on top of all the things that are important in our business. From managing customers and leads to staying on top of our finances. It is useful in streamlining a lot of the processes in our company. Add meaningful ways to improve in both time and cost. Further, there are processes that became much easier by giving us a system to keep all our challenges insight.

The only complaint I have is the correlation between apps. For instance, their connect program has a lot of features that work well with project management and job tasks. However, it wasn’t possible to attach the data in our Kanban lists to data in our CRM. I think if they could fix that issue – it would take Zoho One to a whole different level.

Be wise and lower your cost! Get multiple services done with this method.

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