How to Automate Your Business for Fast Growth

Automate Your Business

Automate your Business? Yes, it’s possible, even for small businesses! Automation isn’t just for corporate giants. Use these 7 tips to get your business running more efficiently and effectively.

Automate the easiest processes first.

Pick rote tasks where there is no human value-add. Automation lets you avoid human error while saving time in execution.

Start small and focus on one business function.

Pick a function with a solid ROI. 

Then pick another function. 

Once you get a few wins under your belt, 

your employees will be asking you to automate certain functions. 

You won’t have to push your employees; they’ll pull you in.

Automate the process away.

When you start to automate, at first you define the process, then you codify it, then you automate it, and often what naturally happens is the process starts to collapse.

Collapsing a process generates value. Don’t be afraid to chip away instead of taking on the whole thing. Many businesses start small and automate incrementally.

Create an automation service bureau.

Once you reach a certain scale, you’ll find you have one or two automation experts in your organization.

Don’t be afraid to set up your own “automation service bureau.”

If you’re seeing the results you should, creating a few positions focused solely on automation will more than pay for itself.

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Build a history.

Document what you do: Where you started, what you spent, what the results are, etc., and do that for every project. 

Learn from the leaders.

Find the automation expert at a big company and pull them in to lead your initiative. Those people add tremendous value immediately. They know how to start small and end up big.

Pick a technology partner.

If you reach the point where you want to bring in a vendor, the key is to look out a few years and ensure your partner has the right level of scope, innovation, and technology, and can scale with you.

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