A Book Summary on The Automatic Customer: Creating a Subscription Business in Any Industry by John Warrillow

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The Automatic Customer is an excellent and entertaining little book. It will make your head spin with its stories about some great companies and their founders. The book begins with an overview of the industry as a whole. While telling us about the history of the business before he got involved. Moreover, what types of businesses we might expect to find. Lastly, how he went about creating his company. 

The Automatic Customer starts with its story of how the founder and CEO of a company were given a big job in charge of a large office building. As it turns out, the man is very talented and has the right personality for the job. John Warrillow knew that it was just a matter of time before he won the competition. But John Warrillow did have to overcome many challenges along the way to become successful. To do so would be foolish, and he had never learned that lesson.

In the book, he gives us many tips on what we should do if we don’t have an ace up our sleeves to make more money.


Nowadays, virtually whatever you desire can be bought via a subscription, with much more ease than any time in the past. Far past Spotify, Netflix, and New York Times subscriptions, you may register for a week or monthly supplies of everything from groceries to makeup to razor blades.

According to John Warrillow, this emerging subscription economy provides huge opportunities to businesses that understand how to turn regular customers into subscription-based customers.  Automatic customers are the secret to raising cash flow, sparking growth, and promote your organization’s value.

Important Aspects

Warrillow supplies the fundamental blueprint for winning automatic clients with one of the nine subscription business models, such as:

   • The Membership Website Model. Firms like The Wood Whisperer Guild provide access to high-quality info, recognizing that individuals will pay for great content. This model may work for almost any company using a tightly defined niche market.

 •  The Simplifier Model. Firms like Mosquito Squad (pest management ) have a recurring job off your to-do list. Any company serving busy customers may embrace this version not just to produce a recurring revenue stream, after that, to benefit from the chance to cross-sell.

  •  The Surprise Box Model. Firms like BarkBox (dog treats) send their readers curated bundles of goodies every month. If you can take care of the logistics of transport and provide clients pleasure in something new, you could interpret sales in your bigger e-commerce website.

Brief Quotes

  • “There was a time when you bought books in a bookstore. The bookstore paid rent and therefore had to stock only the best-selling books to ensure that sales revenue per square foot was high enough to cover its rent and staff.” ― John Warrillow, The Automatic Customer
  • “Data has become an asset, and nobody has more customer information than a subscription business. Traditional companies are launching entire subscription offerings just for the data they provide.” ― John Warrillow, The Automatic Customer
  • “Like many subscription models, Amazon Prime is a Trojan horse that is expanding the list of products consumers are willing to buy from Amazon and giving the eggheads in Seattle a mountain of customer data to sift through.” ― John Warrillow, The Automatic Customer
  • “video attracted so much attention that it crashed Dollar Shave Club’s servers. Within 48 hours of the video’s release, the company received 12,000 orders.” ― John Warrillow, The Automatic Customer
  • “Research firm Gartner estimates that “by 2015, 35% of Global 2000 companies with non-media digital products will generate incremental revenue of 5% to 10% through subscription-based services and revenue models.”12” ― John Warrillow, The Automatic Customer


The Automatic Customer is a clear guide to establishing a subscription company. John Warrillow discusses the merits of constructing a subscription to any company before showing you the way to. Subscription companies are about reliable income.

WhatsApp and other high tech digital providers, far past Netflix, customers, can buy monthly subscriptions for almost anything nowadays, from blossoms to razors to black underwear. The actual secret to making the most of this subscription market, and producing automatic clients on the way, is your creativity.

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Why We Recommend The Automatic Customer by John Warrillow

This book demonstrates how you can master the psychology of selling subscriptions and how to lower stress and provide a road map to the vital data you want to assess your subscription enterprise’s health.

Whether you would like to change your whole company to a recurring earnings engine completely or pick up an additional 10 percent of earnings growth, The Automatic Customer will be your secret weapon.

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