This Is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn to See By Seth Godin

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This Is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn to See By Seth Godin, #1 New York Times bestseller A revolutionary new way to market, business, sales, and marketing. Seth Godin is a leading online coach, author, speaker, consultant, and marketer. He teaches and inspires thousands of successful marketers, entrepreneurs, leaders, students, and followers from all walks of life. His bestselling books are the core elements of his method. By teaching the “unconventional methods” of viral marketing, he’s transformed many marketing systems.

“This is Marketing” is a comprehensive guide to making money on the internet. It covers the most important aspects of starting your own online business, including what to look for in the right niche, what type of product to sell, marketing strategies, and even how to get traffic. The key to success with this book is building a solid business foundation and following through on your marketing plans. Seth teaches how to use blogging to create a targeted audience and make your content easy to find.

I think the best part about this book is the fact that it’s completely free and super easy to follow step-by-step. As an entrepreneur, you always want people to understand that you’re not going to take money out of their pockets by giving them what you’re selling. In this case, I feel it’s a must-have book to help anyone with their online business. If you’ve never read a marketing book, I highly recommend you do so!


New things need modification, and people obviously resist change. Using stuff from his favorite 100-day convention, Godin provides nuggets of marketing knowledge in quotable exclamations because he highlights his most important points with excitement, hyperbole, and repetition.  

Godin fans will love that his now-familiar turns of expression and recognized guidance, like identifying the “smallest workable” crowd, pinpointing their inherent objectives, gaining “consent to participate” and telling the proper story.  Entrepreneurs, business owners, marketing pupils, and anybody seeking a lively summary of marketing will appreciate this insightful refresher, while beginners will jump aboard the Godin bandwagon.

Godin asserts that advertising is a real act, not a greedy one.  For quite a while, he presciently points out that advertising and marketing are exactly the very same things.    Brands purchase people’s interest.  However, the world wide web, according to Godin, does not co-opt people’s focus on the interest of advertisers.  Blasting your message online does not garner the exact same answer as putting an advertisement in conventional media.  Nowadays, marketers must know what their clients want and desire.  Then they need to gain clients’ confidence and begin a dialog.  

Folks crave things that resolve an issue, help them feel included, and provide them standing, validation, or reassurance.  Your offering ought to be a conduit to such emotions.  Evoke them telling stories that participate and resonate with a little group of individuals who care.  Godin notes that individuals seldom make logical, considered buying choices.  Rather, they make decisions depending on their underlying biases, entrenched perspectives, and absurd urges.  Do not assume customers share your tastes or will create well-informed conclusions.

This is Marketing in five steps

  • THE FIRST STEP is to Invest in something worth making, Using a story worth telling, and Also a contribution worth Speaking about
  • THE SECOND STEP is to Design and Construct it into a manner that a couple of men and women will especially benefit out of and care about
  • THE THIRD STEP is to Tell a Story that matches with the built-in story and dreams of the tiny group of individuals, the smallest workable marketplace
  • THE FOURTH STEP is the one everybody gets excited about: Spread the Word
  • THE LAST STEP is frequently overlooked: Show Up– frequently, always, and liberally, for years and years — To lead, organize, and build with confidence the change you are looking to make. To earn the permission of your audience to follow up and earn the right to sell to them.
This is Marketing

Brief quotes

“Marketing is our quest to make a change on behalf of those we serve, and we do it by understanding the irrational forces that drive each of us.” ― Seth Godin, This Is Marketing

“The most important lesson I can share about brand marketing is this: you definitely, certainly, and surely don’t have enough time and money to build a brand for everyone. You can’t. Don’t try. Be specific. Be very specific.” ― Seth Godin, This Is Marketing

“Marketing is the generous act of helping others become who they seek to become. It involves creating honest stories—stories that resonate and spread.” ― Seth Godin, This Is Marketing

“It’s impossible to create work that both matters and pleases everyone.”Seth Godin, This Is Marketing

“We sell feelings, status, and connection, not tasks or stuff.” ― Seth Godin, This is Marketing


 After all of the information he mentions here, Godin forced himself into a new light and brings his new message dwelling to an audience who loves to participate with him.  Godin convinces readers he has an inside track on the way today’s society and media feature. Although a lot of his secrets look second-hand or shared knowledge, he offers them up in a lively, clear way.  

Regardless, it does not matter, because marketing alone is not Godin’s merchandise.  He sells infectious excitement, easy-reading paragraphs along with a means to get a deal on your huge advertising queries.  In these lands, he delivers exactly what he promises.  You might not recall the majority of Godin’s key things a chapter afterward, but the couple that stick, stand hard.  He could be pithy and may outline global or social movements with remarkable concision.  This, as his earnings numbers reveal, is a precious business present.

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Why We Recommend This Is Marketing By Seth Godin

Godin delivers the heart of his advertising wisdom in a single available, ageless package.  In the center of his strategy is a huge idea: Great entrepreneurs do not utilize consumers to fix their institution’s issue; Firstly, they use marketing to address other people’s issues. Secondly, they do not only make a sound; they create a better planet.  Truly strong marketing is grounded in compassion, generosity, and emotional labor.

This book teaches you how you can identify your tiniest workable audience; draw the ideal signs and hints to place your offering; build trust and consent with your intended market; talk to this narratives your audience informs themselves about standing, self, and dominance, place opportunities to make and release anxiety, and give individuals the tools to attain their objectives.

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