6 AI-Powered Tools For Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs may now access artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies through a variety of online tools and applications. Entrepreneurs may use AI-powered technologies to automate company communication, gain insights from phone calls, sales, and marketing data, develop intelligent social media and content campaigns, and much more.

Here’s a list of six must-have AI tools for every entrepreneur to assist them in traversing the growing ecosystem of commercial AI solutions.


Perfect grammar, spelling, and style are vital for your content writing strategy, pitching to investors, and textual communication with customers. Content that is devoid of errors helps to represent your company as competent and trustworthy. One of the most excellent options for accomplishing this is Grammarly. It’s an online tool that uses machine learning algorithms to detect aesthetic and semantic flaws, incorrect sentence structure, and other subtle language aspects that only a skilled editor can correct. If you choose an annual plan, you may get expert editing services for $11.66 per month with Grammarly Premium. Grammarly features a lightweight freemium service that offers basic spell checking, grammar, and punctuation correction if you don’t want to commit to the premium account.

Amy by x.ai

Most entrepreneurs have a lot of meetings and back-and-forth communication with clients, workers, and investors regularly. Amy, a new AI chatbot built by x.ai, can help you save time to focus on more critical activities. Amy is a personal assistant who helps organize meetings in a nutshell. After receiving a meeting request, Amy will arrange your appointment’s time, venue, and other details via email or any other contact channel. Amy simplifies your life without requiring you to download an app or login into your account.

You can choose a free personal plan that includes five meetings per month to utilize Amy as your assistant. However, due to a lengthy waiting, the professional ($39/month) or business ($59/month) packages are the superior choices if you require unlimited monthly meetings, team accounts, and immediate access to your AI helper.


Closing a transaction can sometimes appear magical: the buyer purchases a product, but you have no idea why. People.ai uses machine learning to figure out which pictures and activities lead to a sales team’s success. People.ai uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to scan through emails, phone conversations, WebEx, and calendars for patterns of effective interactions to generate actionable insights. This AI-assisted research generates a model of the most effective strategy to complete a business. Once trained, the system can detect when a salesperson deviates from conventional practices and flag ineffective actions to increase sales productivity.

By integrating your commercial Google or Office 365 accounts, you can get People.ai up and running in minutes. People.ai also offers a one-click Salesforce installation to make its AI capabilities available in this popular SaaS platform.

Pi by Postintelligence

Pi is a Postintelligence social media manager and assistant that helps you better your social content tactics. Pi analyzes your followers’ profiles, comments, and posts after connecting your Twitter or Facebook accounts to the site and creating a list of popular themes and discussions. Under the hood, the assistant uses natural language processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis to convert social media data into specific recommendations for which themes, tone, emotions, and visual content will best engage your target audience. Pi will also recommend the best time to publish a post and assess post-performance to gather new information. Pi will become an integral component of your social media strategy because of its sophisticated machine learning algorithms and smooth integration with social media metrics.

Legal Robot

Legal Robot is an artificial intelligence (AI) advisor who assists you in navigating the complex and opaque world of legal contracts. Legal Robot generates high-level legal models from vast corpora of contracts, using NLP and deep learning to address a wide range of business situations and scenarios. Legal Robot can explain complex legal words in layman’s terms if you aren’t a lawyer. It can also make your contracts more readable and consistent and ensure that they follow industry best practices.


Taking notes on phone calls and remembering lengthy talks can be difficult for a busy entrepreneur that receives hundreds of calls every day. Tetra AI solves this challenge by converting calls into searchable notes using advanced speech recognition and natural language processing algorithms. You’ll get a complete description of the talk in your inbox almost immediately after the call ends. You can use your keywords to search Tetra notes, and the system will locate the most relevant matches. Tetra also allows two-way speaker identification, which helps you remember who said what. As an entrepreneur, you can choose a Business plan ($99) that includes unlimited calling, AI-based notes, and complete transcription of your calls for 50 cents per minute.

Taking advantage of the most recent technological advancements might have a direct impact on your company’s operations. It can not only lessen your manual effort, but it can also save you time and money. The best news is that you don’t need to be a machine learning whiz or have one in your firm to use these innovative technologies.

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