Successful Entrepreneurs Require Executive Assistants for a Variety of Reasons


As an entrepreneur, you invest a lot of consideration into surrounding yourself with brilliant and dynamic individuals who will contribute to the success of your company ventures. Your team’s strengths and contributions frequently affect the overall outcome of your project. However, even the most driven and successful entrepreneurs frequently ignore one position. No, it’s not your vice president or manager. It’s your executive assistant calling.

I’m not talking about someone who spends their entire day opening mail, pouring coffee, and answering phones. I’m referring to a person who, if properly situated, can increase your productivity and brand tenfold by compensating for shortcomings, raising professionalism, expanding productivity, and increasing your company’s organization.

While some entrepreneurs use modern software or mobile devices to aid with administrative work, nothing beats the advantages of a trained executive assistant. Here are four compelling reasons why employing an executive assistant is a good decision.

1. A qualified executive assistant compensates for your shortcomings.

While most entrepreneurs prefer not to concentrate on their flaws, being aware of those that may have an impact on productivity and profitability might be useful when choosing an executive assistant. One of my flaws is my inability to react to emails and written correspondence in a timely manner. My executive assistant is fantastic at managing communications and following up on correspondence. My time is freed up by providing her with the information she needs to manage my correspondence.

If time management isn’t your strong suit, an EA can help you remain on track by enforcing meeting time restrictions or ensuring you don’t miss key phone calls or appointments. “A smart assistant keeps a business owner on time and in the know,” says Issie Laposky in her January 2014 piece for Inc. Magazine, The Most Important Person In Your Office Isn’t Who You Think. It is the role of an assistant to make the CEO appear good.”

2. The status factor.

A successful executive assistant promotes your brand by bringing a new level of professionalism to the table. Do you respond to your own phone calls? Do you make your own appointment schedule? If this is the case, you may be passing up possibilities because a client was unwilling to take you seriously.

I was able to gain a number of contacts since I delegated the responsibility of contacting the prospective client to my EA. I attribute the closing of those sales to her professional approach and effectiveness during those initial interactions.

I also make it a habit to refer colleagues or clients to my executive assistant for a meeting or appointment scheduling. This dialogue may turn off some people. What they must realize is that I am not dismissing or ignoring them. Instead, I respect their knowledge or time enough to ensure that it is not overlooked in the midst of other chores.

When I hired my executive assistant, I discovered that people began to appreciate my time when they needed to work with an executive assistant. If someone is willing to labor via my executive assistant to make the desired contact, they must believe their issue is serious. Previously, when they had direct access to me, they didn’t always respect my time and busy schedule.

This individual represents you. Her demeanor is a direct reflection of you and your company’s brand. A competent, courteous, and intelligent EA not only improves the day-to-day operation of your office but also adds value to the image of your company.

3. A strong EA boosts productivity.

My commute has improved significantly since employing my EA. By letting go of the urge to manage everything, I’ve given my executive assistant the freedom to do her job, allowing me to do mine. This guy has literally become an extension of myself. By organizing daily meetings, I can ensure that she is up to date on current events and that we have all of the information we need for the day’s tasks. While she tackles the specifics of little chores, I may concentrate on larger projects that may have a significant impact on the organization.

Clearly, this economic agreement necessitates complete confidence and integrity on the part of both parties. This person’s function is valuable since he or she has access to all of your personal information and can conduct business on your behalf. This conversation will simply not operate if there is no mutual respect. However, when you discover the correct fit when you have a terrific partnership, everything runs smoothly and fluidly.

“It’s all about getting to know one other’s quirks and discovering what makes them tick,” writes Lapowski. “And then there’s the need for respect on both sides.” It’s critical because, if done correctly, it’s truly a partnership.”

4. A skilled EA improves organization.

A skilled EA can take on a variety of roles at any given time. She is in charge of, among other things, communications, emails, tasks, time management, trip arrangements, reservations, and scheduling. My EA also tracks my job mileage. When my EA executes her job correctly, it has a good impact on my workload. Because her job responsibilities are critical to the overall success of this company, my executive assistant is a vital member of my executive management team.

“They are an organization’s backbone,” writes Issie Lapowski. “They know all there is to know about an executive.” It’s not just clerical work. They understand what the executive requires, how they think, and what they need to do to improve that executive without having to ask.”

Even though many of my colleagues work 80 to 100 hours a week to run their businesses, some still find it difficult to justify the overhead expenditure of hiring an executive assistant. When I consider the capabilities, professionalism, productivity, and organizational skills that a trained executive assistant brings to a management team, I cannot imagine not having an executive assistant on my team.

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