Top 10 Ways to Show Employees You Appreciate Them


Any day of the year, you can tell your colleagues, coworkers, and employees how much you appreciate them and their contributions to the job. Believe me on this. There is no reason to celebrate. Small surprises and signs of your appreciation dispersed throughout the year, in fact, assist the people in your work life to feel cherished by you all year.

Don’t save your appreciation for rare events; instead, make it a habit to thank the staff on a regular basis, to let them know you care, and to boost their pleasure at work. Unpredictable, unexpected compliments and surprise expressions of appreciation are the best ways to assist your employees and colleagues feel your appreciation.

10 Fantastic Ways to Show Your Employees How Much You Appreciate Them at Work

Here are some methods to express your gratitude to coworkers and employees. Why don’t you just go ahead and brighten their day?

Recognize a job well done.

Describe the exact behaviors that you thought were admirable. This compliment feels genuine since you took the effort to provide specifics rather than simply saying, “You did a fantastic job.” You also emphasize the actions you’d want to see the employee perform more frequently, and everyone benefits when individuals have a clear direction. “Mary, when you include visuals and charts in your reports, your research message is visual and much appreciated,” for example.

Thank you very much.

Show your gratitude for their efforts and contributions. Also, don’t forget to say please frequently. Social niceties have a place at work. Everyone appreciates a more pleasant, polite, and civilized workplace.

Discover your coworkers’ interests.

Questions and compliments about their family, hobbies, weekend, or unique event they attended are usually appreciated. Your real interest, rather than being nosy, makes people feel valued and cared for. Show your enthusiasm on a frequent basis by asking questions like, “How did Johnny’s tournament go this weekend?”

Provide schedule flexibility.

If job coverage is necessary, post a calendar so that employees can balance their vacation time with that of their colleagues. This is a far better option than the management deciding who and when gets time off. (It’s worth noting that a flexible work schedule is a perk that people crave all the time.)

Give a customized gift.

Know your coworker’s interests well enough to sometimes provide a small gift. A thoughtful present, as well as the act of offering it, will brighten your coworker’s day. A greeting card accomplishes the same thing. You can send a card for no reason at all, to commemorate a special occasion such as a birthday, or to express compassion when a coworker is ill or has a family member died.

Financial incentives should be provided.

End-of-year bonuses, attendance bonuses, quarterly bonuses, and gift cards are all excellent ways to say “thank you.”

Provide a meal for your coworkers.

Take coworkers or staff out to lunch for a birthday, a special event, or just because. Allow your guest to choose the restaurant. Alternatively, you may order pizza for lunch from a caterer or a store that delivers. Plan a brunch for a team that has exceeded its current targets and delivered ahead of schedule.

Make a fun ritual out of it.

Employees at ReCellular choose names for their Secret Santa gift exchange. Alison Doyle, a job-search expert, used to work in Career Services at Skidmore College, where they held a gift-giving event at their annual holiday party. According to LuAnn Johnson, SVP and Chief HR Officer HR/Communications/Facilities and Real Estate at Quest Software:

“Every Tuesday between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we celebrate Treat Tuesday. We assign a day to prepare gooey, nutritious, or scrumptious foods for the other groups after matching up departments or people who don’t ordinarily work together as a unit. It’s a fantastic mixer, a chance to show off our culinary skills, and a morale booster—not to mention the sugar high.”

Bring in a few surprises.

Offerings such as cookies or cupcakes, especially if you’ve cooked them yourself, are a big hit. (Have you ever attempted to bake cupcakes in ice cream cones? They are popular.) Another smash? Bring chocolate—anything chocolate.

Give people a chance to advance.

People demand opportunities for cross-training and training. They want to be a part of a special committee where their abilities are recognized. They enjoy attending professional association meetings and representing your company at civic and charity functions. Do you currently solely send your execs to these events? Distribute plenty of opportunities to all employees. They will be sincerely grateful for the opportunities.

Employee gratitude is always appropriate. In reality, it is frequently a scarce commodity in many organizations. Make your place of work an exception. Take advantage of every opportunity to express your gratitude and appreciation to the staff.

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