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An administrative assistant is a knowledgeable professional who has the availability, specialized skillset, and customer service experience that allows them to become the face of a company. Oftentimes, administrative assistants are only recognized for their skills in clerical work, such as answering phone calls or sending emails. However, they have numerous other abilities that are integral to the needs of a successful business, which is why they typically are on-call and available 24/7 to support your company.

Administrative assistants must have experience in multiple backgrounds, especially as they are the first point of contact between clients, vendors and your business. They have a welcoming presence and work diligently to accommodate clients and meet their needs to the best of their ability. They must be well-versed in the company’s offers, products, services, etc. and can discuss even the tiniest thing in detail in order to address a client’s concerns and questions.


Here at Life of Automation, our virtual administrative assistants aim to cater to your every need to help you streamline operations for the continued success of your business and personal life.

What Skills Does an Administrative Assistant Bring To My Business?

Customer Service

As a result of their client-facing role, administrative assistants bring excellent oral and written communication skills to the table. Since they are the first point of contact for a business, they must be at times diplomats, company experts, skilled negotiators, secretaries, and much more!

Computer and program literacy

Proficiency in using Microsoft Office and other various computer programs are a must for anyone in this role, especially with current trends in customer relationship management and task management software. Not only are administrative assistants consistently adapting to these web solutions in order to maintain job competency, but they will oftentimes perform their daily reports within such programs.

high-level company knowledge

In order to remain a company expert, administrative assistants must be able to read, interpret, and understand information derived from even the most technical documents, such as company policies, operating manuals, maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals.

Time Management during crunch time

Administrative assistants are experts at time management when multiple deadlines are looming. Due to the high-volume workload that every administrative assistant has, they must have the ability to finish projects early or meet their deadlines…otherwise no work would get done!

Attention to detail

Finally, administrative assistants are highly proficient in maintaining situational awareness as even the smallest detail may affect the company. These perfectionists are excellent at “connecting the dots” and will leave no stone unturned while remaining in the desired time frame for task completion.

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Why Should I Hire a Virtual Assistant?

You can have the time to focus on what matters most to you and your company through the services of a virtual assistant. They can increase your productivity by performing time-consuming tasks, such as scanning, coordinating and maintaining records, organizing digital files, invoicing, perusing documents, disseminating information inside the office, answering phone calls, and more. Without an administrative assistant, your business’s efficiency levels will decrease as your attention would be called away to perform these administrative tasks instead of maintaining your company’s growth.

Your assistant’s excellent oral and written communication skills will lead to new connections and relationships. As it is also part of their job to write reports with precision, they must communicate with conference attendees, clients, and even employees to gather their feedback, which can be helpful when assessing potential areas of growth or value propositions. Their easygoing nature and team player mentality is an attribute to any future working relationship.

Virtual assistants are accustomed to managing a variety of projects under quick turnarounds. They are experienced in setting their schedules to meet deadlines to ensure that there is no accumulation of work, which would reduce the competency of the employer. 

Because of their aptitude for many different tasks under short deadlines, virtual assistants are excellent decision-makers and are resourceful when it comes to complex situations. With their problem-solving abilities, they will require very little to no supervision. Employers will be impressed by their strong initiative and good judgement as they personally undertake projects to support the company.

Do you have a habit of coming in late to meetings due to a chaotic schedule? If you have a hard time organizing your daily tasks, your assistant can save the day! Your assistant’s strategic planning will help you prioritize the people that you have to meet first and make the correct appointments. However, a virtual assistant can go beyond just scheduling and coordinating meetings; they are also capable of managing travel arrangements, booking and making reservations, and basic transcribing.

Virtual assistants encounter a lot of confidential information every day. Your company’s private information will not be disclosed and can be trusted in the hands of an assistant.  

When your assistant has been working for you for quite a while, it will be second nature for them to perform their responsibilities according to your needs, priorities, and goals to improve the company’s metrics. You can even track their contributions through their reports, memos, presentations, spreadsheets, and letters of correspondence.

Virtual assistants handle different kinds of tasks and meet different people almost every time they clock into work. Their adaptability will help them solve even similar problems that need vastly different solutions according to the company’s current goals and clients. Ultimately, their job requires them to be flexible to be able to meet the company’s needs and excel in their work. 

Every virtual assistant is expected to have a thorough understanding and knowledge level that complements their industry, company, and responsibilities. Depending on the company’s field, this high-level expertise can range from technical terminology to procedural understanding to knowledge of corporate regulations to even financial management capabilities.

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