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Life of Automation aims to give entrepreneurs the tools and resources for streamlined business. Our podcast assistant feature gives each of our clients access to podcast assistants that are custom tailored to your company’s needs. Our podcast assistant is offers many exciting features to help grow your listeners and increase engagement.

You can assign your assistant to:

  • Give VIP extras to Messenger subscribers
  • Share unaired footage or blooper reels
  • Host special Q&As via Messenger
  • Share episodes directly to your subscriber’s inbox
  • Hold surveys or polls to decide what your future podcasts will cover
  • Allow users to suggest guests they’d like to see
  • Drive ratings and reviews with conversational Messenger blasts

Any creative marketing idea imaginable can be executed with your automated assistant.

Watch the video below then continue reading to learn how else your podcast can benefit from an automated assistant.

That’s an amazing level of engagement that is hard to replicate with a manual approach!

How Else Can an Automated Assistant Grow My Podcast Listeners and Increase Engagement?

Send Exclusive Extras

Increase engagement with listeners by enticing them with additional material relating to your podcast to satisfy their wants.

New Episode Alerts

Your listeners will never miss another episode with helpful reminders of upcoming shows!

Share exclusive info on guests, hosts, and topics

Your listeners will love this feature! Give them behind the scenes access to generate interest and increase engagement.

Answer FAQ's and other Customer Concerns

The podcast assistant can answer your listener’s most frequently asked questions, saving you time and keeping your listeners happy with speedy answers.

Get more to Listen to episodes

Podcast assistant can allow listeners to enjoy their favorite episodes whenever they want.

VIP Program to Inscrease Subscribers

Get listeners excited for exclusive VIP perks and increase your revenue with paid memberships.

Send updates about new episodes

Quickly and conveniently get new podcasts into listeners’ hands with automated delivery of new episodes

deliver new episodes

Quickly and conveniently get new podcasts into listeners’ hands with automated delivery of new episodes

Drive more traffic to popular episodes

Send new listeners to the most loved episodes and remind dedicated listeners of the greatest hits.

It’s time to shift the focus back to your business and podcast while letting the Automated Podcast Assistant do the rest.

Additional Features:

Avaialble to your Listeners 24/7

Podcast assistant responds with instant answers anytime of the day, giving listeners what they want, when they want it.

Decreased Customer Service Response Times

Podcast assistant automates many of the administrative tasks which means less time spent responding to messages, answering questions, and engaging listeners. This equates to money saved for you!

Live Person Handover

Someone from your team can easily take over the conversation when needed.

Automatic Customer Care Updates

Podcast assistant keeps you in touch with your listeners’ questions, comments, and concerns, allowing you to provide the best experience possible.

Restart Conversations Anytime, Anywhere

Podcast assistant can pick up where they left off everytime, saving customers the headache of repeating the prior conversation. Having the conversation always available means that listeners can look back on the conversation history to reference questions or past episodes.

Podcast Stays Top of Mind

Podcast assistant always keeps your business in mind in order to help you expand your reach.

Personalized and Interactive

Podcast assistant is fully customizable for your business. You decide when and how it interacts with customers and then let podcast assistant do the rest.

Start driving leads. Start connecting with more customers. Start with the Automated Podcast Assistant.

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