Who is Life Of Automation Affiliate Program For?

Category overview of their most active and lucrative affiliate partners.


Refer Life Of Automation to their clients or to other agencies


launching a chatbot agency or selling chatbot services to others.

In-house Marketers

refer people in their network to Life Of Automation.

Marketing Freelancers

they are active online, in private Facebook groups and LinkedIn communities.

Marketing Start-ups

these are agencies, SaaS companies, and entrepreneurs who are early adopters of cutting-edge marketing technology and are eager to spread the word to others.

Life Of Automation Isn’t Trying To Sell A Product. We’re trying To Inspire A Movement.

They want to tap into that instinctive drive and use word of mouth as their primary engine of growth and a way to inspire a movement. Word of mouth has always been the most effective method of advertising. For example: Person A trusts Person B. Person A takes Person B’s recommendation.


you get 25% of the 1st month’s subscription. It’s that simple.

When a user clicks through your unique Reseller link a cookie is installed on their browser. The cookie lasts for 90 days.

When someone signs up under your link, that referral is assigned to you and you alone. Your link will remain the same as long as you are an affiliate.

It’s contained in your reseller portal. You can access it at any time.

As long as it eventually tracks back to the original link, your referral is protected.

As soon as you are approved for our affiliate program, you can share your link. Commissions are paid out on the 7th of each month. You will earn a commission once that your referral has paid for and completed a month of service. Realistically, most affiliate partners are actively earning within 45 days.

No. Since Life Of Automation has preexisting and active ad campaigns on Facebook, Google, and other major ad networks, we ask that affiliates not use paid search to increase their referrals.

Yes. You may download and use assets from this file of images of our trademark, as long as you don’t change them. Of course, the use of these trademarked images is only for the affiliate partnership, and your status as an affiliate should be discontinued, then the use of the trademarked images is discontinued as well.

That would be rare, but it could happen if you violate the terms of service. We’re sure you’re not going to do that

Yes. Resellers must refer a minimum of 3 paid subscribers with combined earning commissions of $100 in order to receive a payout.

Our lawyers wouldn’t let us share that information, but we can say that there’s a wide range of income levels. Some are making a nice side income, while others are making a full-time income. Your level of success depends on how aggressively and persistently you share your referral link.

Anyone you want to. Your clients. Your colleagues. Your kids. Your pets. As long as they sign up for a paid membership with Life Of Automation, you start earning.