The Executive Assistant — sifting through the interruptions so that you can focus on business.

With technology as advanced as we have today, it’s easy to undermine the importance of the Executive Assistant to your business. But imagine for a moment that you had a gatekeeper at the office. An Executive Assistant who would filter out the most important people and tasks, sending through only what needed your attention, and delegating the rest. An Executive Assistant that would free you up to spend your time where it would pay off the most. The roles of Administrative Assistants and Executive Assistants are often used interchangeably, but, while similar, an Executive Assistant works more closely with the Executive and have a more thorough understanding of the goals and motivation of the business.

Our Executive Assistant services include:

Administrative Skills

The Executive Assistant will have excellent oral and written communications skills. They can read, interpret, and understand information from company policies, operating or procedure manuals, and maintenance instructions. The Executive Assistant will be able to solve complex problems and multi-task. They can add, subtract, multiply, and divide into all units of measure, using whole numbers, common fractions, and decimals.

Personal Skills

The Executive Assistant is autonomous and responsible. They will have a high level of situational awareness, be able to solve complex problems, and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations. Working independently or in a team setting, the Executive Assistant is self-motivated, driven, skilled at time management, able to meet deadlines, and has a strong attention to detail. They will also maintain personal discipline, job task proficiency, and problem-solve using sound judgment and logic. The Executive Assistant will be able to manage client relations, event planning, organize meetings, and coordinate video and audio conference calls.

Computer Skills

The Executive Assistant has proficient PC skills, can use MS Office, and various other computer programs to design and maintain filing systems. They can also process expense reports, create and maintain databases. They coordinate and maintain records, create documents, spreadsheets, and the like. They manage digital files and email accounts, do internet research, data entry and verification, as well as basic transcription. In addition to project management, social media management, and website management are also part of the role of Executive Assistant.

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The Executive Assistant will be second in command, able to execute operations the way you would yourself, allowing you to put your time and energy where it matters. You can trust your Executive Assistant to complete all tasks with the discretion and motivation you would yourself. An Executive Assistant can train an Administrative Assistant, and perform many of the same functions, but the Executive Assistant will always work more closely with the Executive, deal less with the strictly administrative tasks, and more with your business goals. Get an Executive Assistant today, and see the results on your business for yourself.

$1500 USD/Monthly

Full Time(160 Hours)

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Why Should I Hire a Virtual Assistant?

You can have the time to focus on what matters most to you and your company through the services of a virtual assistant. They can increase your productivity by performing time-consuming tasks, such as scanning, coordinating and maintaining records, organizing digital files, invoicing, perusing documents, disseminating information inside the office, answering phone calls, and more. Without an administrative assistant, your business’s efficiency levels will decrease as your attention would be called away to perform these administrative tasks instead of maintaining your company’s growth.

Your assistant’s excellent oral and written communication skills will lead to new connections and relationships. As it is also part of their job to write reports with precision, they must communicate with conference attendees, clients, and even employees to gather their feedback, which can be helpful when assessing potential areas of growth or value propositions. Their easygoing nature and team player mentality is an attribute to any future working relationship.

Virtual assistants are accustomed to managing a variety of projects under quick turnarounds. They are experienced in setting their schedules to meet deadlines to ensure that there is no accumulation of work, which would reduce the competency of the employer. 

Because of their aptitude for many different tasks under short deadlines, virtual assistants are excellent decision-makers and are resourceful when it comes to complex situations. With their problem-solving abilities, they will require very little to no supervision. Employers will be impressed by their strong initiative and good judgement as they personally undertake projects to support the company.

Do you have a habit of coming in late to meetings due to a chaotic schedule? If you have a hard time organizing your daily tasks, your assistant can save the day! Your assistant’s strategic planning will help you prioritize the people that you have to meet first and make the correct appointments. However, a virtual assistant can go beyond just scheduling and coordinating meetings; they are also capable of managing travel arrangements, booking and making reservations, and basic transcribing.

Virtual assistants encounter a lot of confidential information every day. Your company’s private information will not be disclosed and can be trusted in the hands of an assistant.  

When your assistant has been working for you for quite a while, it will be second nature for them to perform their responsibilities according to your needs, priorities, and goals to improve the company’s metrics. You can even track their contributions through their reports, memos, presentations, spreadsheets, and letters of correspondence.

Virtual assistants handle different kinds of tasks and meet different people almost every time they clock into work. Their adaptability will help them solve even similar problems that need vastly different solutions according to the company’s current goals and clients. Ultimately, their job requires them to be flexible to be able to meet the company’s needs and excel in their work. 

Every virtual assistant is expected to have a thorough understanding and knowledge level that complements their industry, company, and responsibilities. Depending on the company’s field, this high-level expertise can range from technical terminology to procedural understanding to knowledge of corporate regulations to even financial management capabilities.

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