Automate Your Business With a Singularity Assistant

The Single Virtual Assistant for all your business needs

Our Singularity Assistants have a number of automated services to assist you in your business needs. We know that these basic business processes can be time-consuming and difficult to undertake, keeping you from working on the other areas of your business that need your focus. 

Our virtual assistants are ready to help you with all of your automated business needs, ensuring that the essential processes of your business flow seamlessly.

A Dedicated Virtual Assistant

For a Simple Monthly Price of $750

To help you work smarter by utilizing growing technologies and services in order to address the difficult areas that are holding your business back.

Account Manager

Dedicated to controlling the productivity & quality of your Assistant’s work.

Virtual Assistant

All-In-One skilled assistant powered with artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and more.

24/7 Support

Communicate with your team across various channels at all times of the day. 

Our Singularity Assistants Cover a Wide Range of Skills Including

Business Systems

Skilled in setting up and implementing automated tasks for various business systems and can help you to relieve yourself of a number of tedious tasks

Business Processes

We use innovative technologies to set up your recurring tasks to happen automatically, with minimal interference


Your assistant can set up software that will automate your marketing activities. There are a number of marketing techniques that businesses use and many components can be automated to run smoothly


Be able to streamline the various components of sales in your business. Your assistamt can automate your sales, making your team more productive, and increasing your sales.


Automating the customer service of your business gives you the opportunity to better meet the needs of your customers and increase customer satisfaction.


Chatbots are an incredibly efficient and effective way to communicate with your customers or leads, ensuring that customers are able to communicate and ask questions whenever they need

Artificial Intelligence

Using scientific data, your AI and ML programs will work through your business essentials for you, discovering the most effective processes for your business.


Your Assistant will set up specific emails to be automatically sent out when a subscriber takes a certain call to action, or when they have a personalized need, relieving your team of the time and effort involved.


Automated content creation uses bots and AI to create content using articles, press releases, and keywords giving you the opportunity to publish consistent content that is relevant to your target market.

What Customers Have To Say

Adrienne wanted to start a home décor email services where she provides different décor designs together and tags the retail stores to find the products at economically feasible prices. While she was confident in her ability to design and find retail stores for reference, creating content for the emails was not one of her strengths. 

She  decided to utilize her Singularity Assistant for automated email content creation so that she could focus on creating as many design postings as possible. In addition to creating automated content for the emails, our virtual assistants were also able to set up automated emails for new clients’ birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. 

Adrienne is now able to focus on developing designs for her clients and working towards expanding her emails to include favorite household tools.

Why Businesses Love Us

Francis Jobidon


“Singularity Assistant is responsible for the best skills my business needs all in a single solution.”

Laurent Wainberg


“”I tried Singularity Assistant, because I was tired of managing all the different teams each project required. It was super easy to turn my ideas into reality. The results were amazing!”

Rene Louis


“I love Singularity Assistant, because its easy to get started and assign projects.”