Comparing the Cost of Hiring a Web Designer

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Types of Web Design Solutions

Web design consists of various tasks to develop and operate a web page.

Web design also covers the process of planning, conceptualizing, and arranging content intended for the Internet. Modern web design work design also explores how websites look (aesthetics) to include how websites work (functionality).

Web design is not limited to only websites; websites it also covers web applications, mobile applications, and user interface design.

When a business or organization has a need or vacancy for a Web Designer position, the appropriate hiring personnel has the following settings to fill that role: 

(1) in-house atmosphere, 

(2) freelance basis, 

(3) agency utilization, 

(4) singularity assistant.

There are functional and visual element components of web design. Visual elements feature concepts relating to the appearance of the web page. Visual elements include fonts, written copy, color, layout, shape, spacing, videos, images, and icons.

Functional elements relate to the navigation, speed, animations, user interaction, and overall site structure of a web page.

Two types of web page design: Adaptive and Responsive.

Adaptive website design concerns how the web page appears on different devices of different screen sizes. Adaptation depends on the browser with the device type used to view the web page. Adaptive websites are categorized based on how the site detects which adaptive version of the web page needs to be displayed. 

Responsive web pages, on the other hand, deal with the user-friendliness level of a web page. The goal of responsive web page design is to create special appearances of the website upon interactions with the web page. 


Minimum Budget Needed: $5,399.00

In-house web page designers are the most expensive to an organization. Before an in-house employee is ever brought into the organization’s workplace, expenses onwards of $2,000 are incurred for each desired in-house employee. These expenses include coverage for office supplies and furniture, software licensing, applications, and human resources recruitment. 

Additionally, the average base salary of an in-house web page designer is $5,399 per month. Web page designers whose experience and education credentials are higher level are normally deserving of a higher negotiated base salary. Further, in order to make in-house employment offer more attractive, benefits such as social security, bonuses, 401k investment opportunity, healthcare, pension, and paid time off. 

In total, an organization can anticipate spending over $8,000 for in-house web page designers.


Minimum Budget Needed: $3,000.00

Freelance web page designers are a bit less costly than in-house web page designers as in-house fees associated with benefits, office, and furniture are usually not necessary.

The rate for a freelance web page designer is $3,000 per month. This rate is not negotiable for any reason. 

While the reduced rate for the web page designer is enjoyable for organizations, there is usually a concern for the quality of work. Since freelance web page designers are limited to a set rate, it is common for many freelancers to take on multiple projects simultaneously to better meet and support their financial aspirations. Thus, they may become rushed or overwhelmed which results in a work product that is not their absolute best. The work product may then become subject to revisions.


Minimum Budget Needed: $4,273.00

Web page designers connected to a business or organization through an agency are the second-highest expensive, following behind in-house web page designers. Freelancers connected through an agency anticipate a base monthly salary of $4,273.

Negotiations for a higher salary are more difficult in this setting because all communications must be facilitated through the agency. 

Similar to freelance web designers, there is also a concern with the quality of work of agency web page designers. The business or organization is depending solely on the reputation and knowledge of the agency to make the right recommendation for web page designers. The business or organization does not have much substance to assess the web page designer prior to onboarding. 

In the event that the business or organization and recommended web page designer cannot continue the working relationship, it must be dissolved by the agency. The agency must then scramble to find a better fit.

Sometimes, a failed recommendation can severely damage or terminate the relationship between the business or organization and the agency. 

Life of Automation: Singularity Assistant

Budget Needed: $750.00

Life of Automation provides clients with web design services through its application, Singularity. Singularity is composed of brilliant web page designers who work with their clients in a virtual setting.  For a fraction of the expenses of an in-house web designer, freelance web designer, and agency web designer, Singularity provides a wide range of services in addition to web page design.

For $750 per month, clients can enjoy services in web design, graphic design support, administrative roles, illustrations, and more.

When compared to in-house, freelance, and agency, Singularity provides more services that are comparable in quality to those of its competitors at a reduced rate of over 50%.


To some extent, there are benefits that each in-house web designers, freelance designers, and agency designers enjoy. However, agency designers allow a business owner to enjoy its respective benefits without a large financial sacrifice. 

Life of Automation’s Singularity raises the bar from the standard agency web page design services. Compared to in-house design and freelance design, Singularity provides more variety of services at an extremely reasonable price.

Life of Automation offers more services without extreme financial risk.

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