How much will it cost to hire a Sales?

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Types of Sales Solutions

Certainly, businesses cannot survive, much less thrive without multiple completed sales. These factors that go into choosing whether to hire an

  1.  in house sales, or
  2. outsourcing to a freelancer,
  3. using an agency,
  4. or utilizing virtual assistant sales

The goal is to key top quality work as economically feasible as possible.

While choosing the right solution for your business is tough. Hiring an in-house salesperson, a freelancer, or an agency is a decision that consequently carries financial consequences.

In House Sales Salary

Minimum Budget Needed: $4,491.00

In-house sales expect a minimum salary of $4,491 per month. Full-time in-house sales are attracted to opportunities that provide them incentives including social security, bonuses, healthcare, pension, paid time off, long term and short term disability, and the opportunity to participate in a 401k plan. 

Further, once the in-house sales vacancy has been internally recognized, the organization must have the position and company advertised on job placement boards. A human resource recruiter will then be utilized to contact all applicants and let them know whether their credentials are a good fit for the position. Depending on the extent of services, this service can cost $500-$1,200. 

Common overhead expenses including, but not limited to software licensing, office supplies, workspace perks, and furniture that can easily mount to $2,000 per month for each sale. 

Certainly, for someone who holds senior-level experience and knowledge (degree plus 10 or more years of experience) have the right and option to negotiate higher salary and incentive terms for providing their expertise. 

In-house sales easily cost the business over $10,000 a month for each individual sales. This is the most expensive and time-consuming option for an organization to use. 

Freelance Sales Salary

Minimum Budget Needed: $4,491.00

Freelance sales work on a strict contract basis. They usually have a fixed monthly rate of $4,491.

Although freelancers’ have lower monthly rates compared to in-house service, their time and dedication can be in question. This is because freelancers usually take on multiple projects at the same time or back-to-back for financial security reasons.

Nevertheless, freelancer is still rather costly to an organization, and the cost may not match the dedication or time efforts put forth in the project.

Agency Sales

Minimum Budget Needed: $8,191.00

Hiring personnel through an agency cost the organization $8,191 per month. Although not as expensive as sales hired on an in-house basis, but the quality of the work may become a concern. The personnel hired solely dependent and in reliance on the word of the agency. 

When the work product or professional mannerism of the personnel is not the right fit for the organization, they must use the agency to serve as a middle spokesperson and to find a replacement as quickly as possible. 

Life of Automation: Singularity Assistant

Minimum Budget Needed: $750.00

Life of Automation’s Singularity is the most cost-effective service because it only costs the business $750 per month. Moreover, Singularity’s virtual assistant’s talents and skills are comparable to those of in-house sales and produce quality work products. 

Above all, the benefit of Singularity to businesses is that the services are not limited to solely sales. Because through the Singularity channel, Life of Automation provides services for marketing, web design, video editing, sales, and more. These additional services are provided at no extra cost.


After comparing the risks and financial weight of hiring sales by launching an in-house hiring method, through an agency, contracting an independent contractor, and using Singularity, Singularity is overall the most logical and financially safe option.

Life of Automation’s Singularity raises the bar from the standard agency sales services. Compared to in-house and freelance, Singularity provides more variety of services at an extremely reasonable price.

Life of Automation offers more services without extreme financial risk.

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