Illustration Options for Your Business

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Types of Illustration Solutions

An illustration is best defined as a decoration, interpretation, or some sort of visual that expresses a concept or process. Typically, illustrations are incorporated into finalized published media materials such as magazines, teaching materials, films, posters, flyers, books, animations, and video games. 

Illustrations must consist of the most appealing color and design in order to attract the appropriate brand and business. The correlating illustrations with a certain brand and business are sometimes the first impression potential clients will have of the business.

Thus, brand and business owners may face a great amount of pressure when making the decision on the brand and business illustrations.

The options for brand and business owners have regarding illustration assistance are to hire an:

(1) in- house illustrator

(2) an illustrator through an agency

(3) hire a freelance illustrator, or

(4) utilize Singularity

After reviewing all three options, utilizing Singularity is the best option as it is the most economically feasible and guarantees quality work. 

In- house Illustration Service

Minimum Budget Needed: $4,605.00

An in-house illustrator is formally hired as an employee of the brand and business. This is the most expensive option as the brand and business owner is not only responsible for the average monthly salary of the in-house illustrator, but also in-house perks such as bonuses and benefits. Expected benefits include Social Security, Disability, Pension, Paid Time Off (PTO), and Healthcare.

Additionally, office expenses are due on a monthly basis. The average monthly salary of an in-hire illustrator is $4,605. In order to attract top talent, brand and business owners should offer more than the average amount.

Further, brand and business owners should expect to spend nearly $7,000 per month for the benefits and office expenses.

Agency Illustration Service

Minimum Budget Needed: $3, 491.00

The fees associated with an agency provided illustrator cost the brand and business owner approximately $3,491 per month. As a result, the difficulty with using an agency is that a substantial amount is being spent towards talent that has not been tested or trusted by the brand and business owner.

Furthermore, the owner is solely relying on the word of the referring agency. At times, this results in a poor or unsatisfactory work product. 

Freelance Illustration Service

Minimum Budget Needed: $5,500.00

Freelance illustrators are less expensive than in-house illustration services because the in-house benefits and office space are typically not expected. Further, the monthly rate for freelance illustrators usually remains the same, regardless of experience level. On average, freelance illustrators expect a monthly stipend of $5,500.

Freelance illustrators usually take on several projects at the same time for workflow purposes.

Thus, an anticipated difficulty with freelance illustrators is that there will not be sufficient time to provide quality work and revisions. 

Life of Automation: Singularity Assistant

Minimum Budget Needed: $750.00

Life of Automation is proud to provide not only illustration services but also automation, marketing, sales, customer support, copywriting, graphic design, web design, video editing, administrative services, and more for only $750 per month through its Singularity Assistant. 

Further, the work product of our Singularity Assistant team is of top quality and comparable to in-house, freelance, or agency work product. In fact, Singularity’s team works extremely hard to ensure the work product is more intimate than what would be received of a typical contractual relationship. 

Lastly, for less than half of the costs, you can receive intimate, comparable work by utilizing a Singularity Assistant.


It is important that the illustrations most accurately depict your business and brand mission. Given the comparison above using Singularity for your particular illustration needs is the better economical option.

Life of Automation’s Singularity raises the bar from the standard agency illustration services. Compared to an in-house illustrator and freelance illustrator, Singularity provides more variety of services at an extremely reasonable price.

Life of Automation offers more services without extreme financial risk.

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