Video Editing Services for Your Business

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Types of Video Editing Solutions

When you need video editing services for your business, the best choice across the board is hiring a Singularity Assistant from Life of Automation.

Although there are several options for video editing talent, the benefits of a singularity assistant from Life of Automation outweigh your other options. 

  1. In-house
  2. Freelance, and
  3. Agency video editing
  4. Singularity Assistant

are all more expensive options that offer fewer advantages.

Efficient video editing can be a valuable service to you and your business. It will raise the bar of professionalism within your field with both eye-catching and intriguing content.

The technical process of video editing is the manipulation and arrangement of video shots. As a business owner, you may be considering video advertisements. You will want top-notch video editing skills ready to help produce all your video information.

The singularity assistants from Life of Automation will help increase your business’ reach through quality video editing.

Here, we want you to know what are the different cost of hiring your own video editor. This way, it’ll help you decide which provider will you consider when you need video editor in the future.


Minimum Budget Needed: $4,820.00

In-house video editors receive upwards of $4,000 per month in salary, plus their bonuses and benefits. If you go ahead and add in expenses for recruiting then that will cost you $500-$1,200. Web apps & software licensing will cost $50-$1,000.

Furthermore, your business will need additional office supplies at $20 per employee, per month, and office space plus amenities will cost $250-$750. For instance, hardware and furniture will cost $2,000 per employee. At a minimum, for in-house video editing, you will be spending $4,820 to start.


Minimum Budget Needed: $6,584.00

A freelance editor is an editor who is not associated with the business but agrees to take on the organization’s work on a needed basis.

Freelance editors provide a bit more financial relief to employers because they do not require office expenses and are usually hired on a set rate but this doesn’t mean that you are safe with its cost.

Salary for freelance video editing is $6,584 per month regardless of skill level and additional cost for revision.


Minimum Budget Needed: $4,453.00

Agency video editors receive $4,453 per month. Other than that, you need to be prepared with additional charges from the agency. There will be another agreement that will be added to your contract or any other condition in the following year and so on.

You become dependent on them but you can’t sustain the requirements from the agency for the long term basis.

Life of Automation: Singularity Assistant

Budget Needed: $750.00

Hiring Life of Automation’s Singularity Assistant will cost you and your business far less.

The monthly cost will be a total of $750, thousands of dollars less than the other video editing options. Services include automation, marketing, sales, customer support, copywriting, graphic design, web design, video editing, illustrations, and administrative.

As a result of your smart investment in exceptional video editing, you will save money and advance your business one more step toward success.

Moreover, simply look at the comparable salary numbers. You will then see an easy choice as to which video editing service you should entrust your business-related video editing needs to on a regular basis. 

Life of Automation provides these services for the extremely favorable fee of $750 per month.


To some extent, there are benefits that each in-house editors, freelance editors, and agency editors enjoy. However, agency editors allow a business owner to enjoy its respective benefits without a large financial sacrifice. 

Life of Automation’s Singularity raises the bar from the standard agency video editing services. Compared to in-house editing and freelance editing, Singularity provides more variety of services at an extremely reasonable price.

Life of Automation offers more services without extreme financial risk.

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